Things You Were Doing At 17 Instead Of Making 9 Straight Birdies

Ah, the age of 17 is such a strange time in the life of a teenager. So much seems to be bombarding you on a daily basis at this age (just wait until you actually become an adult). You’re now able to drive but need permission to take the car and are constantly reminded to come back before curfew. Yes, 17 is that in between year of nothingness – 16 was exciting because you could drive and 18 because you can do whatever the hell you want (within reason).

One thing you probably weren’t doing was shooting a 61 on the golf course like Rayhan Thomas this week during an Official World Golf Ranking event. But that wasn’t the most impressive part. This 17-year-old tied the record for most consecutive birdies…nine in a row!

Thomas started his round with a par on hole No.1 and proceeded to birdie holes two through 10. He then birdied 13 after a couple disappointing pars finishing with a bogey-free 61.

Normal 17-year-olds aren’t too worried about shooting 61 on the golf course. Thier minds are too cluttered with their own insecurities and social issues like the following:

Asking the hottest girl in school to prom….and failing miserably

If you think staring down a five-foot putt for birdie is difficult then try going back in time and asking the hottest girl in your grade to prom. Chances are you’re taking the putt, at least if you come up short with the putt you can end up with a par and there is much less humiliation in that. When you ask a girl to prom you have to take that same focus but utter the words “will you go to prom with me” to this mystical figure.

Ditch the prom anyway and go work on your golf game. It’s cheaper, don’t have to be as social, and you certainly won’t have to worry about coming up with different dance moves – because let’s be honest, the only thing that’s physically in sync is your golf swing.

Stressing about a pimple…which makes it two pimples

You wake up one morning and realize that there is a massive pimple on the side of your face, or nose, or forehead. You gasp in disbelief as you try to scrub the area with soap and pop that sucker before your ride to school gets to your house.

This is like blowing up after a bad shot and forcing yourself to regroup and work around the stress of an inevitable blow-up hole. Just ask Sergio Garcia, he does that stuff all the time and his one bad hole turns into multiple bad holes (especially if you break your putter. Just like your one pimple turns into multiple when stressed.

Worrying about the kind of clothes you wear

If you’re not worrying about pimples in the morning, you then start to stress about what to wear to school. You have to makes sure that your outfit for the day is both fresh and comfortable. Something that will be comfortable to wear after gym class. An outfit that says ‘I’m not trying hard to look good, but I was also thoughtful when picking the color scheme’.

This is why golf is great, you can wear a variety of things. Perhaps you’re feeling old-school and want to wear some Payne Stewart knickerbockers or Justin Thomas’ shirt and tie combo from this year’s Open Championship.

Maybe you want to be a poser and wear a red polo and black pants because that’s the closest you’ll get to being Tiger Woods. Or you don’t even match like John Daly usually does with his pants selection.

Doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you drive for show and putt for dough.

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