5 Reasons To Be Excited for Red Dead Redemption 2

Jordan Heal

It has been over seven years since the release of Red Dead Redemption, and been thirteen years since the release of Red Dead Revolver – can RDR2 deliver?

Having been over a decade since the original release, fans across the world are eagerly awaiting for Rockstar to release more details regarding Red Dead Redemption 2.

Red Dead Redemption 2 was supposed to launch this year but has since been pushed back until 2018. Rockstar’s confirmation on their website states it will be their first game ‘created from the ground up for the latest generation of console hardware.’ With that in mind, here is a look at five reasons to be excited for Redemption 2:

1.) The Story

It is highly speculated to be a prequel game, with fans having seen trailers and promo images indicating a gang orientated narrative. In the first Red Dead game, players may well remember mention of Dutch’s old gang. Could we see Redemption 2 bring back the character of John Marston and see him with Dutch’s gang take centerfold at the head of the game? We’ll have to wait and see, but catching a glimpse of Marston’s younger days certainly be a treat. However, other speculation suggests players would follow three characters – similarly to GTA V – and none of them will be John Marston.

2.) Native Americans

During a trailer release, it can be seen that Native American culture will play a part in the game’s narrative – undoubtedly exerting a strong influence on the game’s central themes. During previous games, it’s mentioned that the Natives persistently caused trouble to settlers. In the earlier installments, we come across areas where settlers had been troubled by the Natives, but never really stumble on them ourselves RDR2 seems poised to break that trend.

3.) Rockstar’s last game release was 4 years ago

Ok, so Rockstar haven’t exactly not been releasing content – with GTA V online multiplayer having had a lot new features added. But, it has been several years since a full game under their development has been released. So, we can expect a lot from RDR 2, Rockstar have had plenty of time to meticulously perfect it. Especially since it has already been pushed back until 2018.

4.) Online Multiplayer

RDR 2’s online game modes are going to be fantastic. With Rockstar likely to continue to implement features from the GTA online multiplayer that has been incredibly successful, we can expect to have customisable online characters with the ability to unlock/buy new weapons, horses etc. A Rockstar insider has suggested the online will launch similar to GTA V’s, roughly two weeks after the games release to allow Rockstar to get the servers ready. Rockstar, are allegedly not worried about RDR 2’s online competing with GTA’s already established playerbase – as there will be differences; most notably the setting in the Old West will bear impact on the differences.

5.) Rockstar’s first release for Xbox One and PS4

The biggest reason to be excited for RDR 2 is solely down to the fact it will be Rockstar’s first release for current gen consoles, and likely for the consoles that succeed the X1 and PS4 such as the Scorpio. Whilst GTA V was released on X1 and PS4, it had originally been released on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Rockstar did continue to develop updates for GTA which were exclusive to the X1 and PS4, but the entire development for RDR 2 has been focused to ensure an incredible game for current gen consoles.


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