Using Cheat Codes: Cleveland Indians Break MLB Record With 21 Straight Wins

The Cleveland Indians have ridden their win streak to 21 games in a row, breaking the American League record of 20 consecutive wins set by the 2002 Oakland Athletics. The team has catapulted to the best record in the AL, second only in MLB to the LA Dodgers (who, despite owning the best record in baseball, have won just four games during Cleveland’s streak).

Now the Tribe is chasing history over 100 years old; the longest unbeaten streak in MLB history belongs to the 1916 New York Giants, who went 26 in a row without losing, but their streak did include a tie.

Just under a month ago, the Cleveland Indians were a decent team trending towards the playoffs. Now they’ve got the AL Central in a stranglehold, 15 games clear of the Minnesota Twins. Their acute rise from the middle of the pack to the top of the big leagues is best summed up by Reddit user “ScratchyCow”

Fun fact: the Cleveland Indians have won more games during this streak than the Cleveland Browns have since November 21st, 2012.

The Indian’s record-breaking win wasn’t without its quirks. Their opponents, the Detroit Tigers, saw catcher James McCann and manager Brad Ausmus ejected. Curiously, the very next pitch thrown hit umpire Quinn Wolcott — the man responsible for the ejections — in the shoulder.

The Indians have been on fire during their streak; of the 189 innings played during their 21-game win streak, the Tribe has trailed at the end of just four. Even more impressive: they’ve outscored their opponents 139 to 35 in that time.

With the LA Dodgers in free-fall, it’s likely that the Indians will end up with the best record in baseball by the time the season’s over. To break the New York (baseball) Giants’ 26-game streak from 1916, the Indians will have to sweep the Kansas City Royals at home and then win two in a row at against the Angels in Anaheim.

A tall order, but only a fool would bet against the Tribe after the way they’ve been playing.

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