Welcome To Good Burger: Shaq’s Cameo Appearance

Shaquille O’Neal may not have been deemed cool enough to horde off a team of basketball-playing aliens like Michael Jordan in Space Jam. But the NBA superstar has certainly had his fair share of movie cameos.

The big man popped up in Scary Movie IV, in a scene mocking the, at the time, terrifying ‘Saw’ films – if you don’t laugh every time Shaq queries whether the unknown voice is “Kobe?” then you’re probably the sort of person who buys a plain ham sandwich as part of your meal deal.

O’Neal has also managed to add to his Wikipedia page with appearances for ‘After The Sunset and ‘Freddy Got Fingered’. But the LA Lakers hero’s greatest on-screen appearance comes in the amusing ‘Good Burger’ film – Nickelodeon’s second ever film, with the American version of the Chuckle Brothers, Kenan & Kel, as the movie’s main men.

“At one point, there was over 1750 pounds of meat on the set.

“Some of it was old meat. It was so nasty. Some of the burgers would stay out there for a long time. I felt sorry for the extras who had to eat them with cold, clammy fries. But on screen, those burgers look good.”

Kenan Thompson speaking to The Morning Call

Shaq’s dialogue, through a mouthful of Good Burger – with Ed’s ‘secret sauce’ – won’t be topping any ‘greatest ever acting performances’ lists, anytime soon, but the very appearance of the LA Lakers icon within the hit film, sums up everything about late 90s/early 00s television.

Kids were starting to crave greater access to their sporting heroes – posters on bedroom walls were no longer just enough – and Shaq agreeing to star alongside Kenan and Kel was the then-modern day version of Pele and Bobby Moore playing alongside Sylvester Stallone in ‘Escape To Victory’.

Shaq: “Little man, I ordered tomatoes on this Good Burger, and I don’t see no tomatoes!

Ed (Kel): “Well, hang on…

[pulls a couple of tomato slices out of his pocket, and slaps them on Shaq’s burger]

Ed (Kel): “There! Consider yourself tomatoed!

Shaq: “You’re not like other people are you?

Ed (Kel): “Nope.”

Blockbuster viewing.

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