Fans are Furious with Evian Championship for Shortening Major to 54 Holes

The first round of the LPGA’s Evian Championship was canceled Thursday due to inclement weather. The cancellation was controversial since players had already played five holes, which were then erased from the record to refresh for the restart on Friday.

Officials decided to shorten the major event to 54 holes and basically starting the tournament as if Thursday never happened.

“The good news is the golf course is draining like never before, we really like what’s going on with the greens and fairways,” LPGA commissioner Mike Whan said. “But with the hills and caddie bags, today we were worried about safety, everything is pretty saturated and if somebody goes down it’s not going to be a great experience.”

While safety is of the utmost importance, shortening a major to 54 holes has made players and fans alike upset. Monday finishes are not ideal situations, but neither is cutting the legitimacy of an extremely important tournament.

Jessica Corda, who was leading at 2 under, tweeted sarcastically about the turn of events:

Writers and sports personalities backed her up immediately:

But it was the fans reactions that brought out the fury:

The LPGA has made some tough decisions this year, most of which were chewed up and spat back out by the public. Whether it’s a controversial dress code amendment or hole changes in a major tournament, the organization is definitely in trouble. If the fans aren’t behind them, there’s no one else to support them, creating a ripple effect against golf’s most important outlet for female athletes.

LPGA’s commissioner Mike Whan released another statement as a result of the backlash they received, explaining in more detail why they made the decision they did:

Everything about this decision may make sense due to the weather, but shortening a major should never be the first call in this type of situation. It wouldn’t happen on the PGA Tour and it shouldn’t happen on the LPGA Tour either.

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