Message To Himself: Tennis Star Kyrgios’ Refreshing Honesty

One of the main criticisms often fired at modern sports stars is that they are devoid of personality, mouthpieces for the highest paying sponsorship deals acting as a puppet controlled by their PR companies. This lack of truth telling means that many fans just cannot relate to their sporting idols, admiring them for their talents on the playing field, but not for their seemingly non-existent personalities. Step forward then, Nick Kyrgios with one of the most honest assessments of life as a sport star.

The Australian tennis star has long been a controversial figure in one of the world’s more reserved sports, insulting Stan Wawrinka on court in 2015, abusing a spectator at the Shanghai Rolex Masters the following year and repeatedly claiming he does not enjoy his job. Get to the back of the queue.

However, rather than coming across as a petulant child as he often does, a recent interview with PlayersVoice has shown the 22-year-old in a different light, as an extremely talented individual who just does not have the mentality to reach the top of the game.

Longing for a ‘normal life’, Kyrgios appears to blame tennis for getting in the way of the last few years before his beloved ‘Nanna’s’ death in 2015:

“I didn’t get to spend the time with her I wanted to and tennis was the reason for that. It kept me away from her. It’s something that still gnaws away at me.”

It is a brutally honest and scathing assessment and it takes someone just as natural in those qualities, to tell the truth to the entire world. While the Canberra-born athlete’s message to himself should help overcome the devils within, it is soon made clear that personal tragedy is not the sole token preventing Kyrgios from the being the best he can.

This is a man who defeated former world No.1 Novak Djokovic twice in as many weeks:

“It’s easy to get up for a match like that; big name opponent. Centre court. Huge challenge. I love that.”

Kyrgios, unlike many athletes, is unafraid to speak the truth, admitting that he has very little interest when it comes to playing lower ranked names.

Outside of the big four tennis stars, former Wimbledon quarter-finalist Kyrgios is one of the most discussed men in the game, yet he admits to ‘completely hating having a public life’. The controversial star believes he has been moulded into a scapegoat by the media, as an ‘arrogant and disrespectful’ person.

“Anyone who has spent time with me would tell you the same,” he declares. Kyrgios makes no secret of how important his family is to him and that winning a grand slam wouldn’t come close to the happiness he gets when living his own life. Of course, most professional athletes would think the same, but Kyrgios doesn’t just think. He says it, and very bluntly. Kyrgios’ refreshing uprightness should be welcomed, not used as a stick with which to chastise him.

A lover of basketball, Kyrgios is one of a minority of sports stars who does not feel compelled to repeat the lines being bounced to him by his advisers before every interview. Many see the fact that a man with such talent and ability without the accompanying drive and determination is a fault, but on occasion, it is ace to see such honesty.

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