In Pictures: The Top 5 Pros Most Likely To Throw The Game At Worlds

Heading into the 2016 League Of Legends World Championship, a great deal of emphasis has been placed on the players expected to compete for the spotlight – the tournament’s MVP contenders. Bjergsen’s ability to lead Team SoloMid through the group stages, Smeb’s tendency to reduce his lane opponent to tears, Forg1ven’s debut appearance against the rest of the world – it’s all been said and done. Just as a player is capable of winning you a game, equally a weak link can cost you dearly on the biggest stage LoL eSports has to offer.

Worlds 2016, as the previous season’s slogan suggests, will mark the rise of new legends to the summit of the competitive scene – but what of the inevitable villains of the World Championship? Last year’s sinners were easy to identify – if you possessed a Chinese passport, the likelihood was that you’d thrown the game for your team somewhere along the way.

With the Chinese teams not expected to sandbag as desperately as they did at the Season 5 Championship, which of 2016’s suspects are most likely to throw a game and earn themselves a spot in the League of Legends hall of infamy?

Looking at you Trevor…

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