F1: Palmer Kept in the Dark over Sainz Deal

It seems that the relationship between Jolyon Palmer and his employers has deteriorated to the point where the young Brit found out he was being replaced online.

Well, no love lost, eh? Whatever there may have once been between Jolyon Palmer and his team at Renault is clearly in the dumpster now. With Carlos Sainz now being confirmed to be moving to Renault, Palmer has been left without a seat in F1 – and the team didn’t even have the decency to inform him.

Perhaps it was a matter of the Internet beating the likes of Cyril Abiteboul to the punch, but Palmer reported that the learned of his lack of a leg to stand on in the sport through a Motorsport site rather than from the folks he’s been with for years now:

“I knew when I read it on Autosport. And then I knew it was true as well, I spoke to some people. That was it.” – Jolyon Palmer

Palmer’s place within the French Manufacturer has been the topic of fierce debate for the whole year running, with his performances being sharply criticized from all of those around the paddock. While his performance was certainly hampered with a series of technical issues, Palmer has certainly not been helping his case with a solid zero points to his name. Sitting behind even Stoffel Vandoorne, who wields 1 point in the 2017 Driver’s Championships.

Indeed, Palmer is out on his ass, but the young Briton is not letting that get to him. Determined to make the most out of his time with Renault, he claims that he is already looking forward to the challenges and opportunities of the future – even if he doesn’t know what they are yet:

“Of course, I knew that with the job I’ve done this year, the team is looking for other people, because it’s been a tough year. But you never know until it’s over, I could have felt the same way at times last year as well.

I’m still focused on trying to do the best I can every time I get in the car. Nothing changes, I still want to go out with my head held high, and finish the year as well as I can.

There’s nothing to lose. It’s just a chance for me to show what I can do.

I’m quite excited for next year, I know it’ll be something different, I know what I’m not going to be doing. I’ve got a bit of time to try and decide. I’m not worried about anything in the future. It’s an exciting time.” – Jolyon Palmer

Despite Palmer’s lackluster performance and Renault’s need to field a driver capable of scoring points consistently, the way the Brit had to uncover the fate of his feature reflects atrociously on Renault’s management. Look, guys, we can understand that you were fed up with his antics, but not having the decency to even inform him that he was replaced just doesn’t come off well for a professional organization of your caliber.

Then again, that’s probably the last thing that Renault is concerned with. With their new deal to supply McLaren they’ve undoubtedly got a lot of planning on collaboration on their plate. Yes, the pickup of Sainz did have to mean that Palmer would have to be cut – but some cuts run deeper than others.

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