Tongue Twisters: The Sporting Names Commentators Just Cannot Handle

Sports commentators can have a job that most of us would envy – going to different sporting arenas all across the globe to call the action on a particular sport that we may all have a love for.

Although Fox’s main NFL callers, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman, are very experienced and used to millions listening to them call the big plays, an audience of an estimated 111.3 million tuned in to watch Super Bowl LI, which could easily have played on their minds.

However, with all the perks of the job, it could be also considered a terrifying profession, with the number of people that are listening to them at the time of the event.

The possibility of pronouncing a player’s name, or not even being able to say it in the first place, could be one of their worst nightmares, especially with social media around – Paul Merson is famed and ridiculed for such things.

Enter Chidobe Awuzie.

The Dallas Cowboys rookie took to Twitter to ask how people could not say his name, despite being able to pronounce more difficult names, such as Game of Thrones character Daenerys Targaryen.

Cris Collinsworth was at odds trying to say his name during NBC’s Sunday Night Football when the Cowboys beat an uninspiring New York Giants.

There are a lot of harder names that seem a lot harder to pronounce than Awuzie’s, however, commentators seem to roll those straight off the tongue.

1. Michael Hoomanawanui

The New Orleans Saints Tight-End has a name that would surely be an announcer’s nightmare, however, many are able to just say it without thought.

2. Jakub Blaszczykowski

The Borussia Dortmund winger and Poland international skipper has a name hard to spell, let alone trying to say!

3. T.J. Houshmandzadeh

The former Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver was a name that could have caused many problems, however, it had not!

4. Louis Oosthuizen

The South African golfer has made winning a PGA Major look easier than pronouncing his name, although commentators seem to have mastered it.

5. Owa Odighizuwa

Former Giants defensive end is currently a free agent, however, commentators must have been practising saying his name since his college days.

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