Average Joes: Footballers With Normal Day Jobs

The life of a footballer is something we would have all liked to have been able to enjoy – the vast amount of money, the lavish lifestyle and the ludicrous amount of cash.

Admittedly, you would have to be a pretty big deal to have earned a weekly paycheck that would have made winning the lottery appear pointless, but it was not always like that before the modern game.

The majority of footballers were on wages that could provide for their families, for the time being, however, there would be a time when they would have to go out and get ‘normal’ jobs.

Here we take a look at some of the players who have had to find alternative employment, once life after football came along.

1. Lee Bowyer

The midfielder has only recently retired from the game, playing his last match in 2012. He played for a host of clubs including Leeds United, West Ham and Newcastle United – where he infamously had an on-pitch bust-up with Kieron Dyer.

The one-time England international, who recently returned to football with an assistant manager post at Charlton Athletic – another former club – although he has spent more of his free time at a French lake, after buying the land and running a carp fishing business.

2. Arjan de Zeeuw

The former Dutch defender, who played for Portsmouth and Wigan Athletic, was a consummate professional and is continuing in that form in his new found career.

De Zeeuw returned to the Netherlands soon after his retirement from the beautiful game and became a private investigator for the police.

3. Gaizka Mendieta

The former Spain midfielder, who had a long and successful career playing for Valencia and Barcelona before arriving in England with Middlesbrough, has decided to turn the tables – literally.

Mendieta has turned from switching the ball onto different flanks to knowing which track is going to go down the best next with his ravers.

4. Philippe Albert

The former Newcastle and Fulham defender had a long career, having put on his football boots for over 15 years, however, he admitted he has lost the love of the game.

Maybe getting his five-a-day could help cure it? All the vitamins he can get from a fruit and veg stall?

The Belgian now operates a fruit and vegetable business with a friend, stating he has a normal life to lead.

5. John Chiedozie

The former Nigeria international and Spurs winger decided to return to his childhood days.

He runs a children’s soft play equipment business, meaning everyone will be bouncing with joy!

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