Concerns For A Pogba-less United Hidden By Koeman’s Predictability

Frank de Boer has been sacked, and Ronald Koeman is already on the ropes, and yet we are continually told that former players – and world-class players, at that – know how to be managers. And especially the Dutch.

Koeman’s Everton crumbled to a Manchester United side, whose performance was so far away from a 4-0 win, it should be highly concerning for the Toffees.

Post-match, fully aware of the flaws in his Paul Pogba-less side, Jose Mourinho went full Jose Mourinho, and did all he could to deflect away as much attention as he could from pundits fully analysing that Red Devils performance; a performance that highlighted issues rather than strengths.

Naturally, it worked wonders, with the former Chelsea manager’s comments about Everton’s minimum expectations being a top-four finish – after spending close to £150million in the summer – being taken on board by an irate Koeman.

“Is there anybody who sees this as realistic for Everton?

“Please, come on. Fans, press – we need time.”

– Ronald Koeman

The Toffees manager is famous amongst his players for his ‘no-nonsense’ approach from training methods to dealing with players currently going through contract disputes – just ask Ross Barkley, and take a look at Koeman’s openness in public in regards to the midfielder’s desire at wanting to leave Goodison Park.

Koeman is a defensive person – the type of colleague who will ask for feedback but is already planning on how they can argue against your opinions about their work – and Mourinho knew exactly how to prod the former Barcelona icon.

“(we should be achieving) the same as last season.”

“When you look at the fixtures at the start of the season, we knew we wouldn’t win them all,”

“We have played Manchester City, United and Chelsea away, plus Tottenham at home. Four title contenders, with the Europa League in between.

“Now we have four games at home in different competitions and we need to win. If you don’t win it is better to stop.”

– Ronald Koeman

12 weeks Paul Pogba is rumoured to be out for, and the carefree nature in which he patrols the middle of the park, like it is his play area, will be a huge miss for the Red Devils; a miss that no Mourinho tactical masterclass can rectify.

But the social media column inches are dominated by the Toffees poor start to the season and jokes about how Everton won the transfer window but not the Premier League.

Well played, Jose.

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