Speed Golf: Wesley Bryan Unofficially Breaks Record For Fastest Round On PGA Tour

Wesley Bryan opened the BMW Championship with rounds of 76-71-72, and in a no-cut event, knew he had no chance of contending. In fact, entering his final round on Sunday, Bryan trailed leader Mark Leishman by 25 shots!

Instead of hanging his head and beating himself up over a dreadful three days of golf, Bryan decided to conclude his 2017 season in enjoyable fashion.

With Danny Lee withdrawing from the tournament on Thursday, it meant the first group to tee off on Sunday would be a single player. This was Bryan – just he and his caddie strolling the golf course at 7:30 a.m. Actually, it wasn’t strolling, Bryan sprinted down the Conway Farms fairways for a round of speed golf.

He followed every putt as it tracked towards the hole, pulled the flagstick out for himself and tossed clubs to his caddie for several feet away. Whatever he had to do to make this round more enjoyable and less time-consuming.

Bryan was asked on Twitter by fellow player Emiliano Grillo if he caught his plane in time. In typical airport fashion, his flight was delayed but I’m sure he and his caddie enjoyed the downtime after their speedy round.

The duo completed the 18-hole trek in one hour and 29 minutes and the funny part? He shot his best round of the week with a 2-under 69. The PGA Tour doesn’t officially keep a fastest round stat, but the unofficial record occurred at last year’s Tour Championship when Kevin Na played 18 in 59 minutes.

Traditional golf fans will probably say this is “bad for golf.” But for a game that is now trending towards the millennial side of the spectrum, Bryan’s decision is absolutely a great thing.

The speed round was covered by all golf outlets, and the PGA Tour actively pushed updates of Bryan’s progress across its social media platforms. These videos and tweets are primarily read by young fans, fans who relate to Bryan’s personality. I can imagine Bryan gained supporters on Sunday just by simply doing something out of the ordinary.

Out of the ordinary is a good phrase to describe the PGA Tour rookie. Remember the taco belt? This landed Bryan a Taco Bell sponsorship, and people loved it. It’s another example of being unique and drawing a younger audience to the sport.

It should come as no surprise to see Bryan trying to break a PGA Tour record. He has a history of accomplishing rare feats – just search “Bryan Bros Golf” on YouTube. He is a master trick shot artist with a golf club, and the videos have gone viral – some with over 100,000 views.

The 27-year-old is helping bring new life to golf, and I applaud him for that. You say it’s bad sportsmanship? I say you’re wrong. Bryan did nothing erroneous to offend anyone or harm the golf course. It’s 2017. Golf is still a gentleman’s game, but also one that entertains us. No one would have even mentioned Bryan’s name on Sunday if not for his creativity.

Now, everyone is talking about his speed golf round, helping grow not only his brand but the PGA Tour’s.

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