Beast Mode: Marshawn Lynch Caught “Shaking Dem Dreads” On JumboTron

The Oakland Raiders may have pissed off their fans by announcing their departure of the Bay Area in years to come, but they definitely gave the city a peace offering this off-season. By successfully negotiated a deal with the Seattle Seahawks for running back Marshawn Lynch, who would only come out of retirement to play for his hometown team, Lynch has returned an attitude to the silver and black culture everyone would love.

While Beast Mode hasn’t gotten off to the start Raider fans, and fantasy owners, were expecting him to get, he’s without a doubt the happiest player in the league. How could he not be when he’s playing at home and for a Super Bowl contending team.

During the Raiders’ blowout victory over the New York Jets on Sunday, Lynch was shown on the big board dancing on the sidelines during a timeout early in the fourth quarter. He was definitely beasting the made-shift dance floor and showing the world what E-40 means when he says “Go stupid,” in his song Tell Me When To Go.

Lynch has shown us so many different personalities of himself throughout the years. Remember his Super Bowl media day, “I’m just here so I don’t get fined?” Classic. Yet we never saw this side of him on the sidelines when he was in Seattle. The fact that he’s back home in the Yay-Area and sporting the silver and black is the reason this side was brought out. The man’s happy.

He seems to be having the time of his life right now. And why shouldn’t he? Understand this, Seattle was a team built on their defense. They won games low scoring affair, so any points put up by the offense was major. He had to be serious. Yet on an Oakland team that is built around a heavy air attack, he can let his hair down and shake them dreads.

He may eventually get a lot more touches and return to the “Beast Mode” we’re all accustomed to, but until then, the Raiders may only need him for goal line and short yardage situations.

Life is so simple and joyful for him at the moment, why would we want to see anything less? As long as he’s not doing anything wrong or disrespectful there should be no backlash about him dancing and spreading joy throughout this, lets just say, “not so nice” world we live in. This writer wants to continue to see Marshawn Lynch be happy and dancing on the sidelines. Your time to go “dumb” is right now.

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