Rossi – Persistence Shows Through at Misano

Rossi sustained gruesome fractures in his right leg during a MotoCross training incident at the end of August – but the veteran’s persistence has shown through as he mounts back up again at Misano.

There’s no one on this celestial rock quite like Valentino Rossi. The Italian has wholly earned his right to be proclaimed as the “Greatest Of All Time” (G.O.A.T.) MotoGP rider. With a track record that is second to none, his dominance over the realm of MotoGP is something that one should be forgiven for believing would have no end.

Such laurels don’t come overnight, and they don’t come easy. Rossi has proved this time and again with his unrelenting persistence in pushing both himself and his machine to their breaking point. His legion of global fans is a testament to the likeability and recognition that the venerated veteran enjoys daily. Sometimes, however, his desire to push goes too far.

Silverstone circuit,Great Britain Left or right? 📸 @gigisoldano

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Just last month, the Italian sustained fractures in his right leg during an incident that occurred during MotoCross training. Forced to undergo an immediate surgery that resulted in a flawless success, Rossi promised his fans that the only thought on his mind was getting back on his bike – and he wasn’t lying.

Rossi arrived at Misano to assess his fitness in a private test atop a Yamaha YZF-R1M, clocking in several laps before rain washed out the rest of his practice session. For those still incredulous that Rossi would cut his recovery time so short below the Doctor-recommended 30-40 days, Yamaha have issued a statement validated Rossi’s participation in the fitness assessment:

“Following an enduro accident on August 31st, Valentino Rossi has been diligently working on his recovery from the double fracture in his right leg.

Today [Monday] the nine-time world champion put his fitness level to the test and successfully completed a few laps around the Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli on a YZF-R1M, before rain disrupted the trial run.

As today’s riding session was cut short due to the change in weather, the evaluation of Rossi’s physical condition was inconclusive.

He will decide by the end of Wednesday, September 20th, whether he will attempt to take part in this weekend’s Gran Premio de Aragon.” – Yamaha

Knowing Rossi, he’ll likely be clambering atop whatever two-wheeled machine he can get his hands on to get a feel for what level his leg is at. Eager to not miss any more time than he has, Rossi will undoubtedly be doing all that he can to get himself back into the MotoGP championship at all costs.

Silverstone circuit,Great Britain Saturday,official practice 📸 Fermino Fraternali

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While it’s true that the Italian himself counted himself out of the 2017 Championship given his most recent injury, this is Valentino Rossi that we’re talking about. For him to just hang up his hat before the season is over will take nothing short of horrendous bodily injury to slow him down.

Yamaha’s Lin Jarvis did go on record to state that Valentino would not return for the Aragon Grand Prix should he feel incapable of finishing within the top five – but something tells us that if Rossi wants to race, Rossi will.

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