Golden Boot: Who Takes The Crown As The Premier League’s Best Striker?

With the new Premier League season in full swing and the year’s movers and shakers becoming increasingly apparent, how does the new season golden boot chase seem to be shaping up and who takes the crown as the league’s Premier striker.

Now it’s simple to pluck several names from the brain; Sergio Aguero, Harry Kane, Romelu Lukaku, and Gabriel Jesus all vie for the coveted crown of the top goal-getter to grace the summit of English football this year. But what defines the skills of the very best? And who performs the best to really stake their claim above all others?

The Army of Two

Aguero and Jesus only need to be studied as far as last Saturday, to see the destructive powers the pair are bringing down upon many a hapless defence, here be the new Cole and Yorke. The pair have already notched up nine goals in just the first five league outings, proving to be a very dynamic duo in the early goings. Both bring a speed and quick drop of the shoulder that most big-lump defenders have nightmares about, the guys that turn on a six-pence and leave you scrambling in vain hope.

Both the Brazilian and Argentine bring that typical South American flair into the league and are certainly flourishing now. Pep Guardiola funnily enough wasn’t even going to partner up the pair – having seen them as too similar – but one match was all that was required to alter the ex-Barcelona bosses’ perception of the two together, and oh my was he proved wrong to doubt them. The team firing in 16 goals thus far, equalling rivals Manchester United, both having conceded merely two goals to match.

The New Shearer

England’s new star turn Harry Kane has grown beyond the capabilities expected of him back in his loan days, when quite frankly he wasn’t given opportunity. Having gained said opportunity, he has shown his boss Mauricio Pochettino that he is one of the League’s best – with two consecutive golden boots (25 in 2015/16 and 29 in 2016/17). Having completed his mandatory August drought Kane is already back in the goals, four so far in September – including a brace Against Borrusia Dortmund in their first Champions League tie – with the 24-year-old chasing another impressive goal haul come May.

The Spurs forward brings a deadly eye for finishing and can make the most of even the smallest opportunities. His combination of size and strength also leaves defenders caught out when he has half swivelled and fired a drilled effort low to the goalkeepers right, which is his trademark. He has developed a great knack for finishing since being introduced to the side by ex-Spurs boss Tim Sherwood, who must be feeling smug about his protégé right now.

Drogba V2

Jose Mourinho’s revamped Man United side have made a commanding start to the campaign, with three 4-0 victories included in their five-match undefeated start thus far. The man at the top, who can’t stop scoring, Lukaku, brought in from Everton over the summer for £75 million has been a hit so far. Bringing the side, the finishing touch that went AWOL since the long-term injury to big man Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

The Belgium, who has lingered within the Premier League for some time, with the likes of Chelsea – who I’m sure he has fond memories of – West Brom and the Toffees and has always managed to bag goals. Scoring a hat-trick in Sir Alex Ferguson’s eventful send-off game at the Hawthorns in that 5-5 draw, despite being linked with another return to Chelsea he chose United, and his mate Paul Pogba, and has been in fine finishing form since his summer move.

While admitted, he lacks the touch and finesse of the other names on this list, the Belgium brings a terrifying physical presence with his big frame -have you seen him as a youngster for Anderlecht, huge – and a power to his efforts in front of goal which makes him quite the handful for pretty much any defender of the planet. Undeniably, if he keeps scoring like he is – five in five for the league – and lead this United side to more trophy’s under Mourinho, the part he would have played will be integral meaning he is just as rightful as the others on this list.

What They Bring

Jesus has something about him, despite his tender years at 20, that makes you realise how much of a talented finisher and player he is now. Just imagine how good he will be in five, even ten years, maybe a potential Ballon d’Or winner should City start making their much-needed breakthrough in the next couple of years. His teammate Aguero, quite simply is one of the greatest forwards this generation has seen, period, despite Guardiola’s doubts on his character. Hell, a hat-trick against Watford in their away 6-0 league drubbing on Saturday should prove a point. He is also the highest non-European scorer ever in the Prem with 127 goals – topping Dwight Yorke’s 123 – in 186 appearances, not a feat easily achieved. Jesus will have plenty to learn from the 29-year-old who will make the youngster one of the world’s best, while still offering plenty himself despite Guardiola seemingly wanting to off him not so long ago.

While it feels as though Kane doesn’t quite bring the intimidating presence onto the field that Aguero carries, he is certainly not far off, two golden boots prove that. Aguero has suffered from injuries at a time to hamper his competition to the England striker, maybe that has played Kane’s way over the last couple of seasons, but there is no denying the fact that if he carries on as he does he could be chasing down Shearer’s 260 Goal league record. Plus, it would be nice if he kept it up for the national side, you know, so we can win something soon.

Lukaku brings a totally different presence onto the field, as already mentioned but it seems he could be taken up a notch or two technically before he becomes truly sublime, something that will certainly be aided by Zlatan once fit. The 24-year-old has more a raw talent still that needs some further nurturing, hopefully staying where he is up top for years to come will see him become what his potential has always proved to bring.

The Verdict

While there are very valid cases for all these forwards, experience has a big part to play for Aguero, who is for us, is the best in the league. He has always been a terror for teams to deal with and will prove to be once again this year, plus playing with Jesus alongside him this season which will see him golden boot winner this year – potential injury aside. He has proved it for many years previously and has been an ever-present for City to rely on and has technical ability that Lionel Messi would be proud of.

There also names that may make their way into this equation within the next year or so, so shoutouts to Alvaro Morata, Alexandre Lacazette, who still have some points to prove should they be in contention for any accolades anytime soon.

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