Taking To The Ring: Rio Ferdinand Fancies His Chances At Boxing

You could be forgiven for thinking that ex-Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand had gone a bit mad, or had been watching far too much Conor McGregor as the ex-football star wants a move into boxing.

Maybe the retired centre-back has been imagining waddling into the ring, swinging his arms wildly much in the way ‘Notorious’ pompously proceeds to the square circle. Maybe Ferdinand has stood in the ring, holding Anthony Joshua’s belts for too long as he now genuinely believes that he could beat the destructive new-Tyson, really?

But fair play to the 38-year-old for taking the next, frankly insane step in his career, thinking it was best to start getting punched in the head. Thinking brain damage is better than listening to all these ex-footballers drone on with their opinions. Maybe, just maybe.

While he may be taking a leaf out of McGregor’s book and making the big-money move into the ring, McGregor did have a very lengthy background in boxing and mixed-martial-arts, giving him at least some experience of hitting people. Ferdinand always let Nemanja Vidic take the hits in United’s backline so god knows how he’ll fare when a man who has dedicated his life to his craft, sees a man who has never boxed before in front of him. Maybe everyone will just take it easy on him.

While there are rumours abound that it is a stunt to advertise for a new TV show, it would be a more suitable option for the man, better than getting his head caved for a couple of fights and realising he’s made a huge mistake. Freddy Flintoff did the same and thought ‘nah, bugger that’ to anymore punishment after one four-round fight, which he did win.

But credit where it’s due for taking on such a ballsy move, he certainly doesn’t want to be sat comfortably in a BT Sport studio. Let’s just see how long it is before reality strikes and he doesn’t want to be punched in the head for his living.

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