Haye-Bellew II: The Most Pointless Heavyweight Rematch?

Tony Bellew versus David Haye: thoroughly entertaining, and a decent advert for heavyweight boxing, despite it mirroring a drunk man windmilling his arms in desperation, whilst dragging his leg across a boxing ring; awkward to watch, but captivating nonetheless.

David Haye’s efforts in the fight were met with praise, rightly so, the Hayemaker showed grit after rupturing his Achilles tendon; he probably got more praise for continuing the fight, compared to if he’d knocked the Bomber out within three rounds.

For all the positives from the fight, the bottom line is, it seemed more of a 12-round slugging match driven by egos and personal vendettas, rather than fighting for anything of note; the ‘Dad bod’ was victorious, and it should have been the final nail in Haye’s coffin.

Except, it’s not. The ageing fighters look set to go again with Haye confirming over Twitter that terms have been agreed between both parties:

Why? If Bellew fully accepts the terms to the fight, he’s only keeping the Hayemaker relevant in a sport where he lost relevance six years ago after the Wladimir Klitschko fight.

The Hayemaker has had major surgery on more than one part of his body, the Englishman is damaged goods – the six-pack and pecks are only the smokescreen deceiving fans that he’s in any fit state to continue in top-flight boxing.

Haye’s two fights prior to Bellew were more suitable opponents to new rookie Rio Ferdinand than a former heavyweight champion; he came back for personal reasons and to balance the books. Bellew’s victory should have finalised Haye’s time in the spotlight, but accepting a rematch will only continue to sell boxing fans the wrong story, and it will only end up with the same result; totally pointless.

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