The 5 Top Laners Expected To Crush Lane During The 2016 World Championship

Gone are the days where top lane was an isolated island where tanky champions (urgh, and Lulu) farmed up until a teleport was needed in another lane to secure a fight or an objective. Quickly dubbed as ‘wet noodle fights’, the snooze-fest duels between unstoppable forces and immoveable objects have fortunately passed through the competitive League of Legends meta, unlocking the potential for the scene’s most talented top laners to crush their opponents with high-damage picks.

Season 6 has been the season of the top laner, with an increasing amount of priority being placed on the carry role. Where Riot destroyed the top lane competition for the 2015 World Championship with a questionable juggernaut patch – this season’s tournament will provide a platform for the best top laners in the world to crush their opponent in a fair fight.

Above all the rest, these five players are the top lane carries to look out for crushing their opponents at the 2016 World Championship:

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