Blizzard Finalizes Teams for Overwatch League

A year after its initial reveal, the Overwatch League has finally revealed its last three teams.

OpTic Gaming, Team EnVyUs, and Comcast Spectacor will join nine other orgs in the brand new league. Both OpTic and EnVy received major investments in order to meet the $20 million requirement for entry into the league.

EnVyUs’s funds came from the Hersh Investment Group, who contributed $35 million to the eSports brand. OpTic, on the other hand, joined with Summer Energy CEO Neil Herman to purchase their slot in Houston. As the co-owner of the Texas Rangers, this will be Leibman’s second Texas sports team.

Along with OpTic Gaming, both other teams have also announced their locations. Team EnVyUs will reside in Dallas as Texas’s 2nd representative, while Comcast Spectacor have bought into Philadelphia. With all franchises revealed, Blizzard has finally announced all 11 locations for each of their 12 teams.

The other nine locations for its debut season are as follows: Miami (Misfits Gaming), Boston (Kraft), New York (New York Mets), Los Angeles (Immortals, Kroenke Sports), San Francisco (NRG Esports), London (Cloud9), Shanghai (NetEase), and Seoul (Kabam). For the first season, all games will be played at the Blizzard Arena in Burbank, California. It is unknown whether or not the league will expand to a true global presence in the future.

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OpTic and EnVyUs join four other endemic eSports organizations in the Overwatch League. Cloud9, NRG, Immortals, and Misfits all signed in much earlier. Each of these teams have received major investments at some point in the last year, allowing them to take this opportunity.

These brands provide the unique advantage of a preexisting eSports fanbase already established within the scene. However, all six of them will be forced to create new brands. According to Blizzard rules, each city must create their own original name for their team. So far, Overwatch Boston and Team Seoul are the only names to be officially announced. However, there are surely more on the way.

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The Overwatch League will begin its regular season on January 10th of 2017 in the brand new Blizzard Arena, but there is still plenty more OWL news to come. On November 4th, Blizzard will announce all 12 rosters at the Overwatch World Cup. So far, Team Seoul is the only team to enlist an official lineup. In August, they signed two-time Overwatch APEX champions Lunatic-Hai to the OWL’s first contracts.

As we draw closer and closer to the November deadline, new updates are sure to trickle in. There will also be a preseason phase before the season begins. This will begin on December 9th, as the first taste of the new league. The preseason phase also marks the grand opening of the Blizzard Arena.

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