Breaking The Competition: Titleist Just Released An Affordable New Golf Ball

You find yourself looking for an errant tee shot in the woods. The ball you were playing was a Top Flite 00 because you forgot to buy a new box of balls before the round – and because they are so damn expensive.

As you curse to yourself for yet another bad shot you stumble upon something just as good as finding your ball: A perfectly OK Titleist Pro V1 just sitting there. You pocket that ball as you realize you struck gold finding this gem and will be happy to take a penalty stroke. The confidence that Pro V1 come-up gives you is like Pop Eye’s spinach as you save par on the hole.

Now wouldn’t it be nice to have that much confidence in your ball for every hole? Titleist thought so and that is why the DT TruSoft balls are hitting the market on Thursday for the very affordable price of $21.99.

You see Pro V1 and Pro V1X balls cost between $40-45 a box, but the specs and prestige of playing with Titleist are worth every penny when you can afford it.

The DT TrueSoft balls may actually take over as the company’s most popular ball given the price and features of the new ball.

The DT TrueSoft is a two-piece ball with an ionomer cover that is designed for low compression and a softer bounce. Titleist vice president Michael Mahoney talked about how the core of this new ball will allow players to play with a softer ball without sacrificing distance off the tee.

“In the past, distance gains have come from lowering spin or faster ball speeds, and one of the ways to get there is through compression adjustments,” Mahoney said.

“Generally, taking compression down lowers spin but also lowers speed. Increasing compression can increase speed, but also increase spin. Our goal, given the research that we did on the last DT TruSoft that we launched two years ago which showed that golfers who played the ball said that it does not need to get softer, was to maintain the soft feel but improve the distance. We did that by making a formulation change in the core.”

Titleist has certainly outdone themselves with this high-quality, low-price ball that could easily become the favorite among amateur golfers and weekend warriors.

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