Tinder Not Required: Philly Phanatic Wines And Dines Emmy Winning Beauty

It’s rare to find a man who knows just how to treat a woman, like giving her a nice compliment, pulling the seat out for her, or picking up the tab at a nice dinner. Today’s kids don’t get that because they’re too busy swiping right until they get thumb arthritis.

The Phillie Phanatic not only proved today that chivalry┬ácan – and should – get you a classy date with the woman of your dreams; he captured the heart of Emmy-winning Dodgers reporter Alanna Rizzo just before the Phillies and Dodgers game this afternoon in Philadelphia.

You have to love the hustle and ambition the Phanatic showed as he brought the date right to her workplace. At first, it looked like she may not bite, but she couldn’t resist his furry-green charm once he pulled out the flowers and candles.

The date was smoother than Keith Stone, but things went slightly downhill after their beverages (milk) was poured. The Phanatic’s gut decided to spill the contents of the table on Rizzo, but he played off like a champ as he tossed the flowers away – literally not crying over some spilled milk.

If you know the Phanatic then you understand he is one hell of a kisser, and that’s only because he’s had a ton of practice in his day.

Plus ladies love a guy who has some grade A dance moves – even if he’s furry and fat. That just means there’s a lot more to love.

Now Rizzo did deny the Phanatic a good-bye kiss after the short date just because she has indicated to the Phanatic that her heart belongs to another man, despite how chivalrous this deed was.

But we can all learn a valuable lesson from the Phanatic: no matter how fat, or furry, or green you may be, always shoot your shot.

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