Burn: Poll Shows 9% Of People Trust Tiger Woods Less Than They Do Congress

As a public figure, everything you do is for the world to judge. Actors, athletes, singers, they all give up their right to privacy to make the big bucks. They entertain the majority of the population not only through their craft but the drama the ensues in their day to day lives. Golf’s biggest celebrity, Tiger Woods, knows this first hand.

Of course, when you’re hiding hoes behind your wife’s back, that information is bound to come to light sooner or later. Well, according to a poll by the banking concern, Aspiration, this information that shrouded the latter part of Tiger’s career, taints his likeness to this very day.

The question in the poll went like this: Who do you trust the least: Big banks, Congress, used car salesmen, Charlie Sheen or Tiger Woods?

Nine percent of the 1,100 respondents cited Woods as the least trustworthy of the five options. Fourteen percent said they trust big banks the least, while thirteen percent chose Sheen. The poll also showed that Congress and used car salesmen are the least trusted of the five options, though percentages were not given for them.

So while a small amount of those people (99) polled don’t trust Tiger Woods, about ninety percent of them still think he’s more trustworthy than Congress or big banks, which is wild. Plus, he was the most trusted out of the five options.

It definitely says something though, that he was involved in the poll in the first place, that he’s thought of at all to be put in a “least trustworthy” category. It just goes to show that when you’re in the limelight and your reputation gets tarnished, that’s what you’re remembered for.

Unfortunately for Woods, he is so much more to the game than his infidelity or recent DUI, but to the rest of the world, he’s just another untrustworthy athlete who let his money get the best of him.

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