Foul Mouth: Kevin Garnett Drops Knowledge On NBA’s Best Trash Talkers

Kevin Garnett blessed the internet with an open Q & A session, granting fans insider knowledge on his 21-year NBA career. The legendary big man, arguably the most prolific trash talker in NBA history, dished up answers on everything on a variety of topics.

He cited Gary Payton as the best trash talker he ever played against. Payton, Seattle SuperSonic icon and Oakland native, had a few nicknames in his day, one of which was “The Mouth”.

What separated Payton from the from everybody else on the court flappin’ their gums was that he always backed it up.

“He controlled the refs. He controlled the fans. He controlled the coaches — amost every aspect of the game, he controlled. By far the best trash talker because he could back everything up.”

Kevin Garnett on Gary Payton

KG described Zach Randolph as a rookie who surprised him when he came in the league. Built like a tank mixed with a ninja turtle, Randolph has become one of the league’s elder statesmen. This will be his 18th year in the NBA, but Garnett remembers him as a rookie way back in 2001.

Kevin Durant, who’s been called “soft” for joining the Golden State Warriors, winning his first NBA Championship, and being named Finals MVP, was the other player Garnett said surprised him as a rookie. Real respect real.

“Zach Randolph — I could tell that he had a different kind of edge to him that was different from most rookies; he wasn’t intimidated. Kevin Durant came out with the same kind of energy, the same kind of confidence.

“Normally, rookies don’t say much; they’re in awe. But I can say the first times I played those two guys, they had a different type of connection; a different type of confidence.”

Kevin Garnett on Zach Randolph and Kevin Durant

Now that he’s retired, KG can use that foul mouth of his to let everyone know what it’s really like in the NBA. We should all be thankful for the national treasure that is Kevin Garnett.

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