MotoGP: Valentino Rossi and his Miracle Recovery

Put under the knife to fix a fracture less than a month ago, MotoGP’s living legend Valentino Rossi has shown up ready to race at Aragon in good health.

Maybe it’s just a case of ample amounts of rest, or maybe it’s Rossi showing his latent superhuman genes – regardless, the Italian veteran’s recovery since sustaining the injury that made him miss the Misano GP is nothing short of a miracle. The crash came at a Motocross track where Rossi was training atop an endure machine. The details of the crash are light – mainly that the incident occurred during a downhill portion of the track – but the results were catastrophic: multiple fractures that required immediate operation.

With medical experts initially telling Rossi to taker 30-40 days of rest before crawling back atop his Movistar Yamaha M1, the 38-year-old beat their predictions by clocking in only 21 days of rest and recovery.

Seeing Rossi back on both feet – with the assistance of a cane – and walking about the Aragon circuit wasn’t just a surprise to his peers, but to even MotoGP’s medical director Angel Charte. Charte admitted that he was surprised to see him make such a swift recovery – transitioning from bed-ridden to ready-to-race:

“It’s obvious that Rossi feels in a position to race, just like it’s obvious that we need to check that he can and that he has to pass all the tests like any other rider.

Rossi’s fracture happened while training and I must say that his doctor did an exceptional job: 24 hours later the rider was already in rehabilitation.

We have been monitoring his recovery almost daily, but it’s obvious that ‘Il Dottore’ is ‘Il Dottore’ and I have to admit I was perplexed by how well he has recovered from this type of injury.” – Angel Charte

While Rossi has been cleared to participate in the Aragon Grand Prix, Charte claims that there is no question that the series vet will not be at 100%:

“We’ll monitor his evolution closely. He has undergone the standards tests and he has passed them perfectly.

He’s not 100 percent, that’s obvious, but he has no pain, which is very important. But we’ll probably have to apply an anti-inflammatory treatment during these days.” – Angel Charte

Anti-inflammatory medication aside, Rossi has proven that he’s hungry to get back out on the track and racing in the championship again, but there are many who are rightly worried about the potential of him sustained even further injuries in the race.

While one is tempted to assume that Valentino will favor a more reserved approach during this race, that has never been his style. Far be it for him to risk his future in the sport, but Rossi’s fiery desire to compete may prove to be his undoing.

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Then again, he wouldn’t be a nine-time World Champion if he didn’t know when to play his hand and when to hold. Whatever his results end up being, Rossi’s has proven that nothing will keep him from doing what he loves.

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