Tiger Tales: Tiger Woods Just Gave An Update, But Is He Coming Back anytime soon?

Tiger Woods couldn’t limit his latest update to 140 characters so he took to his blog to let us know how he is progressing after a turbulent summer off the course.

The latest golf-related update we received from Woods was a video of him hitting chip shots off the green in a white, cut-off shirt – have to show off the guns, duh.

Those little chip shots have escalated, according to Woods as he is slowly progressing.

“I’m starting to hit the ball a little further – 60-yard shots,” Woods said. “I have not taken a full swing since my back fusion surgery last April, but continue to chip and putt every day.”

Earlier this month Justin Thomas revealed to us that Woods has become a mentor to him, as the two have spent a lot of time together in the past year or so. Woods added that both Thomas and Rickie Fowler have frequented his Jupiter, FL residence for putting competitions.

“Justin Thomas and Rickie Fowler have been dropping by my house for putting contests. Justin also comes over to practice his chipping. It was fun to celebrate his PGA Championship win with him and Rickie, and we had a blast.”

It’s no wonder Thomas and Fowler are among the leaders in the FedEx Cup standings this season, they have been given putting tips from arguably one of golf’s greatest with the flat iron – ever. Also just take a moment to step back and realize that both Thomas and Fowler grew up watching Woods. Imagine what a thrill it would be to pick the brain of your childhood idol? Just beyond neat.

Woods went on to give an update on his workout regimen, the status of his fused back, and what a projected timetable could be for his return.

“I have my six-month back X-rays coming up,” Woods wrote. “Once my surgeon takes a look, he’ll give me the parameters of what I can do moving forward.

“I’m working out six days a week, alternating between the treadmill, bike riding, swimming and lifting twice a day. My muscle tone is coming back, but I’m not in golf shape yet. That’s going to take time.

“Playing wise, I’m not looking ahead yet because I don’t know what kind of swing I’m going to use. I just don’t know what my body is going to allow me to do. Until I do, I’m going to listen to my doctors and continue to take it slowly.”

These do not look like promising signs for the former World No.1. Living without pain is one thing, but when will the risk outweigh the reward of playing with the risk of injuring your back more severely than it was before (which he’s done multiple times)?

Tiger is a smart guy and knows if his body will be able to compete or not. However, the competition on the PGA Tour is getting stiffer and stiffer each season as a crop of guys like Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson, Thomas, and Fowler. These guys are light years ahead of Woods at this point in their careers so he may never win another professional event again…let alone another major.

It will be a sad day for golf fans everywhere when Woods decides to hang it up and call it a career. He will still be looked at as one of the greatest to ever compete while surrounded by some ‘what ifs’.

Odds and Ends

Woods added some interesting takes in his blog post to his fans including football, the Presidents Cup, and last month’s eclipse.

As we all know, Woods is a big-time Raiders fan and has been seen sporting the Black and Silver when he is out and about. He even bought a silver pool table with the Raiders logo in the center.

“I’m very excited about the 2-0 start by the Raiders. All we have to do is keep Derek Carr upright and we’ve got a great chance. Last year, we were one of the favorites going into the playoffs if Derek hadn’t broken his leg. Our entire team is pretty talented. We can beat you different ways, but it’s just a matter of staying healthy.”

Woods and the rest of Raiders nation were robbed of a deep playoff run last season when Carr hurt himself, hopefully, Marshawn Lynch (aka Beast Mode) can dance their way to a Super Bowl.

As a competitor, Woods will find any way to contribute to a victory in golf. Which is probably why he helped Thomas and Fowler out, and also why he is so giddy to help coach this year’s Presidents Cup.

“I am fired up for the Presidents Cup next week. It will be great to be around the guys and try to help our team any way I can to win.

“We have a young team and quite a few first-timers. But they’re solid guys and have played well all year. My biggest responsibility is to do whatever the captain asks me to do.”

Finally, Woods showed off some very creative and poetic writing when describing the fun he and his kids had watching last month’s solar eclipse. (assuming he personally wrote the post).

“It was pretty neat to see the darkness coming and then how everything went quiet. No birds chirping, no noise whatsoever. As it left, you could hear nature wake-up again.”

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