Masters Tradition: Jim Nantz Listens To The Masters’ Theme Song For Backyard Golf

The rumors are confirmed: Jim Nantz does, in fact, listen to The Masters’ theme music when hitting golf shots in his backyard.

This is almost too cliche to be true, but Nantz was joined by his partner in the booth, Sir Nick Faldo, to hit some golf shots in Nantz’s makeshift hole seven from Pebble Beach.

The Masters’ theme music is already calm and soothing like the sound waves crashing on the beach, and adding Nantz to the mix (especially in person) is like having Jimmy Buffet sing Margaritaville on said beach.

Faldo was looking to join the names on Nantz’s stone which indicate who’s made an ace on this makeshift par three. You’ll notice that Brandt Snedeker’s name is spelled incorrectly on the stone.

Nantz would be an obvious choice for someone to not only commentate your golf game but narrate your life in general. We thought it would be fun to throw out some names of people who would make great life narrators on and off the course.

Morgan Freeman

If Jim Nantz is No. 1, then Morgan Freeman would be 1B. Some have even joked in the past that Freeman should have someone write his eulogy and then have his voice deliver it at the funeral…kind of creepy but who else would narrate his own life better than himself?

And the fact that Freeman isn’t a golf announcer would make this scenario even better because he would notice minor details about things surrounding you besides the golf. Guess, he developed that voice spending all those years in Shawshank prison with Andy Dufrense.

Frank Caliendo

A man who can duplicate Freeman’s voice – along with many others – is Frank Caliendo. Think about this, Caliendo could be a one-man broadcast team that supplied a play-by-play guy and color commentary along with sideline reporters. Think about having your life and golf game narrated by George W. Bush (play-by-play) and Bill Clinton (color commentary) and have Robert De Niro and Jon Gruden giving updates from the sideline.

And if you don’t like those guys Caliendo can still do most of the people from ESPN, John Madden, and the late Robin Williams.

Vin Scully

Switching back to sports, Vin Scully – despite being a baseball guy – was a one-man broadcasting team that only needed one voice. He was known mostly for opening each Dodger’s night game with:

“And a pleasant good evening to you all, and welcome to Dodgers baseball”

Not only is his voice tranquil enough for the golf course, but he digs up old stories about players and tells them to the audience…who needs a color commentary anyway? One would hope that Scully finds the ‘right’ stories from your past.

Seth McFarlane

This last one is more of a joke but Seth McFarlane would be hysterical as a golf/life commentator. The man who created and writes for Family Guy (along with other shows) has to have an amazing sense of humor and would probably make even the most serious golfer laugh after an errant shot.

McFarlane could also break out the voices of Stewie, Brian, and Peter Griffin to add some color to his play-by-play.

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