US v Europe: Rory McIlroy Makes Damning Statement About European Ryder Cup Team

With the Presidents Cup only a week away, discussions about next year’s Ryder Cup have started to bubble to the surface of topics. It may not be as hyped as the Mayweather-McGregor fight was, but this competition between the US and Europe is one of golf’s most exciting events.

So it’s disconcerting to have one of Team Europe’s best players undermining their assets before they even step onto the course. Rory McIlroy is pretty candid when it comes to his feelings though, but this statement is damning:

“Europe are going to be up against it in France – and it’s not just going to be like that next year, but for the next ten years, because the guys on their team are so young, and so good,” McIlroy said, as per The Sun.

He’s not even saying next year will be a tough fight, but the next TEN. Of course, he knows who he’ll be up against because he’s been playing alongside them for quite a while now.

It’s interesting that McIlroy came up with this assessment now though, instead of say, last year? But maybe when you’re down and out, you start to see how great the other guys really are.

“You have Jordan, JT, Patrick Reed, Rickie Fowler, and Daniel Berger all in their twenties, and they are going to be the foundation of a really strong team for the foreseeable future.”

McIlroy hasn’t forsaken everyone on Team Europe. He pointed out some key players that could help give them a fighting chance, like Spaniard Jon Rahm who has made a name for himself this season.

“What Jon has achieved in his rookies season is incredible. He is an absolute star. And of course I claimed Thomas as my partner for France after we paired up so well last time – unless he decides he has someone else in mind!

“We also have the likes of Matt Fitzpatrick playing well. We need those guys to keep progressing, because we are going to face a formidable challenge.”

Team Europe definitely has a strong competition headed their way, and so does Rory, with himself. This season has been a bit of a downer for the Northern Irishman, but he’s making it clear that that hopefully won’t be the case in the future.

“I’m planning to play something like thirty events next year. I’m going to play everywhere. The PGA Tour is already expanding, going to Asia and other places – the World Tour, it’s going to happen one day, and I think it has to happen.

McIlroy even suggested something that people have probably thought of, but never have said out loud.

“I think the easy thing would be for the PGA Tour to go out and buy the European Tour, and take it from there. They could say you still run the European events, and we’ll have say 12 big events a year, outside the Majors, a bit like they do in tennis.

“I just don’t see any other way. I know discussions have taken place, so maybe one day. I’m a player, and I will play anywhere.”

Seems like he’s is full of ideas, the way any progressive player should be. He’s honest and that’s what the Tour needs more of and is also another reason why Rory is a fan favorite.

No one likes a one-sided competition, so hopefully, he’s wrong about the next ten years for the Ryder Cup team, but at least we know he’ll be fighting hard for himself.

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