Shooting for the Stars: Worlds AD Carries Power Ranking

When it comes to dealing damage, no one does this better than an ADC.

Given enough room, attack damage carries (ADC) can wreck anyone, even those pesky tanks. Rather fragile and hard to maneuver, these glass cannon champions rely on good positioning and mechanics to stay alive and deal damage. Farming well goes a long way to ADC, as these champions are extremely item reliant.

Often taking most of the kills, these names are easy to remember and often highlights in their teams.

This year, the World Championship is stacked with talented players for this position, join CLICKON eSports as we take a look at the top 10 AD carry players at Worlds 2017.

10. AN – ahq e-Sports Club

The 2nd seed from LMS had one of its weakest seasons, facing problems in the midlane, the team is not performing to the same level we are used to seeing. However, as they struggle to settle on a midlaner, they have found their carry in AN.

The LMS fan favorite marksman has his own way of playing the game and will stick to it. He knows his strengths and forces his opposition to play the game at his pace.

AN has been in Worlds before and wasn’t afraid to bring out of meta picks, surprising all by how well her performed on them.

9. Ruler – Samsung Galaxy

Samsung Ruler
Image Source: Mais e-sports website

Ruler is not a superstar in his team, but he gets the job done. A very solid ADC in a great all around team, Ruler shouldn’t be taken lightly. While he is not as flashy or skilled as some of the names at the top, he won’t be dominated by anyone. Used to face the best in the world, Ruler has the experience and the talent to surprise the World.

8. Sneaky – Cloud 9

Cloud9 Sneaky
Source: youtube


Cloud 9 is a midlaner centered team, Jensen is the major star and always the focus of C9 jungler attention. Even so, Sneaky manages to shine, his gauntlet performance is one of the main reasons why Cloud 9 made to Worlds and the gameplay against CLG has shown Sneaky can carry just as hard as Jensen.

His Xayah is particularly scary at this moment and C9 seem to favor this champion for him in this meta, but his champion pool runs deep, so banning his Xayah won’t be enough to stop C9. He has everything that makes an ad carry great.

7. Rekkles – Fnatic


Fnatic Rekkles
Image source: Flickr

If Fnatic had done better in EU LCS playoffs, Rekkles could be higher in this list. He is the center of his team, a leader, and one of the most consistent players in the West. On top of that, he was the MVP of EU LCS summer split.

Not only extremely talented, Rekkles is a very humble player, not afraid of working hard to improving his game and not ashamed to say when someone has bested him. If Fnatic can make their way into the group stage, teams in group A or B should watch out for Rekkles.

6. Doublelift – Team Solo Mid

TSM Doublelift
Image Source: Flickr

After some time away from competitive scene, Doublelift came back and is better than ever. He has been working hard to fix his past flaws and it has been showing in the rift. He has been more consistent, showing more controlled aggression and, of course, has been dealing TONS of damage.

After winning NA LCS, the thrash talker ADC is looking to prove himself at Worlds stage. However, this tournament is stacked with talented players, so this may be an uphill battle for the American Marksman.

5. Zven – G2 Esports

G2 Zven
Image source: Flickr


Zven is the most consistent ADC in the West and arguably the best. Over the year, Zven has not once crumbled under pressure and has proven his ability to adapt.  Whenever G2 needs him, he shows up. He can play many different styles and doesn’t let his ego get in the way, quickly shifting gears to aggression whenever needed. 

G2’s ADC is no stranger to international competition and has shown that whether it’s in home soil or abroad, he still performs the same level.

4. Bang – SK Telecom T1

SKT Bang
Image Source: Flickr

Bang is the current World Champion, but his summer season was flawed. Often a very safe laner and great team player, Bang has been struggling against the best botlanes of LCK. Despite his performances in LCK playoffs, Bang still one of the best players in the world and SKT always improve greatly when they have time to practice.

There are weeks to prepare for the World Champion, so we may see Bang return to form and show his prowess.

3. Mystic – Team WE

Team WE Mystic
Image Source: Twitter

Mystic is a team fighting monster. His numbers are so impressive that he we were tempted to put him higher in this list. He has shown time and time again the ability to carry his team, and as one of the most consistent players in the tournament, team WE has no problem building compositions around him.

The meta favors hypercarry marksmen, as Kog’Maw and Tristana, and Mystic is a master of these champions.

2. Uzi – Royal Never Give Up


Image Source: Flickr

If you watched season 3 or 4 World Championship, you undoubtedly heard his name. Uzi is a force to be reckon with. For years, whenever Royal needed someone to carry, they looked at Uzi. It’s been this way for a long time and he always pushes himself to the limits to deliver.

Uzi is often pointed to as the best laner in the world, he always gets his farm and forces the opposition to fight for theirs. His ever-aggressive style, however, is punished whenever his team can’t play around him – Uzi is stubborn and quite often refuses to play a more passive laning phase, dying over and over again to ganks.

Still, given enough resources, Uzi can carry hard and his talent keep him very high in this top 10.

1. Pray – Longzhu Gaming

Longzhu Pray
Image Source: Twitch


Out of game, Pray is a leader and a role model. In game, he is a superstar. He has been to Worlds 5 times now, played every all-stars botlane in Korea and hasn’t slowed down through all his career. Great players come and go, but Pray remains a phenomenal ADC, surviving the test of time.

Known for his sniper-level Ashe ultimates, impeccable positioning and aggressive style, he is the best all-around ADC in this tournament and deservedly takes the top spot in our list of best ADC players.

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