Unsung Heroes: Worlds Top 10 Support Players

The most under appreciated role in League of Legends is undoubtedly support.

Always working on a budget, supports must provide the team with utility, crowd control and protection. They are the main source of vision and warding and often times, in-game leaders.

While not as flashy and without stacking kills, supports are fundamental for their team. It’s a smart role, you must be in the right place at the right time and ward while covered by your team mates to avoid getting caught. Not as easy as it sounds.

As we approach the 2017 World Championship, supports will be of major importance. Join CLICKON eSports as we select the top 10 supports attending Worlds 2017.
10. Biofrost – Team Solo Mid

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Biofrost used to be just another player in TSM, but he has grown. During the spring split, while he was apart from Doublelift, he developed immensely and has shown who he is as a player. TSM has done great domestically and Biofrost became a key piece to that.

Great mechanically and now more mature, he is ready to make plays on the World Stage.

9. Ben – Team WE

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Ben was good enough to bench Zero, that’s an achievement by itself. While he is not on the spotlight for his team, he does set up good vision and does a tremendous job keeping his team mates safe, especially Mystic, always ready to give up his life for his ad carry.

Ben is a very well rounded player, with the ability to also roam and apply pressure to other lanes.

8. Ignar – Misfits Gaming

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Ignar in the spring split was great – the best support in Europe and voted all-star support for EU. In the summer, he showed he is a great support and is always able to make incredible plays on engage supports. Give him a hook and he’ll fish the opposing team.

Always looking to roam and make plays in other lanes, Ignar is a danger to all opposing lanes. In lane, his synergy with Hans Sama makes Misfits botlane a force to be reckoned with.

7. CoreJJ – Samsung Galaxy

Image Source: Twitter

CoreJJ started out in NA as an adc and when he moved back to Korea to become a support, there were very few expectations for him. However, CoreJJ changed Samsung last season – and for the better. His playstyle suits his team, reacting properly and at the right time.

Whenever their opponents attempt a play or make a mistake, Samsung capitalize on it. And as it stands, CoreJJ helped his Korean team to become contenders for Worlds, in both, season 6 and 7 and takes the 6th place in this list.

6. Mithy – G2 Esports

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Mithy has qualified for Worlds every time he played in EU LCS and has qualified for EU LCS every time he was in challenger series. If that doesn’t tell you enough about this player, he was player of the series in EU LCS finals this season with 83% KP and a combined record of 0/3/33.

On top of that, Mithy is now playing with Zven, the best ADC in the west, making the G2 botlane one of the scariest at Worlds.

5. Olleh – Immortals

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Olleh has consistently been a top-player for every team he plays for, whether it’s in Brazil, LMS or NA, the Korean support shines. Despite being one of the most charismatic players out there, his Thresh, Morgana, and Nami are a nightmare for the opposing team.

Olleh holds up Immortals vision game and botlane to a great status, drawing bans from the enemy team and warding for objective properly.

He is having a phenomenal year and is ready to show the world that he can lead his team out of group stage.

4.SwordArt – Flash Wolves

Image Source: lolesports

Flash Wolves won LMS once again and their support is one of the reasons for that. SwordArt is a playmaker. He has been one of the main players in Flash Wolves for a long time now and never seems to disappoint.

This season, Maple struggled in the midlane, but SwordArt and Karsa were there to step up and carry the Flash Wolves to another trophy. His understanding of the game, decision-making and vision game are outstanding, rightfully granting him the 4th spot in this list.

3. Meiko – Edward Gaming

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Over the years, Meiko has consolidated himself as the best chinese support player. His aggressive style doesn’t diminish his ability to play defensive supports. Meiko is a leader and thrives on engage supports as Alistar. His performances during LPL Playoffs are one of the main reasons EDG won it.

Meiko understand the vision game and knows how to take advantage of any edges his team can have. His ability to team fight is second to no one and whenever he is missing in his lane, watch out – because his ganks are deadly. His performances are so clutch that he has consistently drawn support bans, sometimes even three or four.

2. Wolf – SK Telecom T1

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The current World Champion is back and hungry for more. Wolf has consistently proving he is one of the top supports in Korea and in the world. Wolf was the MVP of this year’s Mid Season Invitational (MSI) and consistently shows up as Bang underperforms, keeping SKT’s bot lane to a good status.

1.Gorilla – Longzhu Gaming

Image Source: Flickr

Formerly from Najin and then Rox, Gorilla is now part of the LCK Summer split Champions, Longzhu Gaming. The best support in LCK, comes to the World stage to show he is the best support in the world right now.

Gorilla can play anything, whether it’s on an engage support or a defensive one, he shines. Particularly known for his Thresh gameplay, we can expect highlights from this player as his team comes to Worlds as favorites.

Aside from being mechanically gifted, Gorilla is a a very intelligent player – he can set his team vision flawlessly and always seems to be in the right place at the right time. For years he has been among the best supports in the world, and now he is here to claim the World Championship Trophy.

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