10 Pop Culture Easter Eggs in the Witcher 3

Jordan Heal

The Witcher 3, a meticulously woven game developed by CD Projekt Red, is arguably one of the greatest games to be released on current gen consoles. It comes as no surprise, that a game as intricate as the Witcher 3, would be rife with Easter eggs and references for players to find.

Here’s a look at 10 of the best Easter eggs referencing popular films and T.V. shows:

10. Gone With the Wind

When arriving in Vizima, Geralt is questioned by Morvran Voorhis. If you opt to not simulate a Witcher 2 save and select the ‘Wild Hunt killed them’ dialogue option – Voorhis will not believe you. Geralt then retorts with ‘Frankly, I don’t really give a damn’ alluding to Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind.

9. Scrubs

In the village of Lurtch there is a marital dispute. A woman asks why her husband has killed and stuffed their dog, Rowdy. The dog is actually filled with poison to be used as dragon bait. This is both a reference to J.D. and Turk’s stuffed dog Rowdy and the hunt for Three Jackdaw’s in the ‘The Sword of Destiny’ book.

8. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

In the Hearts of Stone expansion pack there is a main quest entitled ‘Open Sesame.’ When in the Borsodi Brother’s Auction House there is an artifact in one of the glass cases called the Goblet of Fire.

7. Monty Python

The ‘Shock Therapy’ quest is a reference to Monty Python’s Life of Brian. The scene alluded, is where Brian causes a hermit to talk that had vowed to remain in silence. A task that Geralt undertakes in Skellige near the Druid’s camp

6. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

During the Isle of Mist’s main story arc, Geralt encounters a group of shipwrecked dwarves. It is speculated that all the dwarves are allusions to the dwarves from Snow White; the most distinguishable is Gaspard who suffers from narcolepsy indicating the dwarf Sleepy. Geralt also finds Ciri put under a deathlike sleep similarly to Snow White.

5. Star Wars

Whilst in Skellige, Geralt is asked to undertake a quest by a bounty hunter called Djenge Frett.  This is a reference to fan-favourite Jango Fett from the Star Wars films.

4. The Godfather

At the beginning of the game Vesemir suggests Emhyr’s summons are ‘an offer one can’t refuse.’ Geralt also comments on the death of Hugo Hoff suggesting he now sleeps with the fishes. Another quest in Skellige, illuminates how Udalryk’s younger brother mysteriously died on a fishing trip.

3. Breaking Bad

Whilst in Novigrad there is an illusion in a cave to the North. Within the cave is a laboratory with a skeleton holding an alchemist’s notes. Whilst reading, it is revealed that the alchemist complains about his assistant Jester who had ‘One job. ONE.’ The alchemist also wrote that it would be ‘better to go out with a bang than to die slowly in a hospital.’

2. The Lord of the Rings

Upon recruiting Zoltan to help defend Kaer Morhen he exclaims ‘You have me and my axe!’ In the heist quest during the Hearts of Stone expansion, Geralt tosses the dwarf across the roof top, alluding to the battle of Helms Deep where Aragon throws Gimli. The Blood and Wine expansion contains a notice by Smigole Serkis mentioning his ‘precious’ golden spoon – referencing Andy Serkis, Gollum’s actor.

1. Game of Thrones

There are a lot of Easter eggs nodding in the direction of GoT. A few of the more notable ones are the secondary quest ‘A Feast for Crows’ sharing its title with the fourth book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series. In a cave underneath the Temple Isle, a sorcerer’s notes state that he was using milk of the poppy – more commonly known as opium.

There is a sword named Longclaw which is a possible reference to Jon Snow’s sword. In the Blood and Wine expansion, you can overhear a little girl claiming ‘My Brother gave me a sword, I named it Needle.’ Finally in the ruined fortress near Kaer Almhult there is a dwarven corpse that eerily resembles Tyrion Lannister.

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