Worlds 2017 – Team WE: Path To Glory

Dylan Gilbert

Team WE coming into this year’s Worlds had been praised by many analysts as the best team out of the LPL region.

They would not disappoint in the play-ins as during the group stage they would finish 4-0 as the clear-cut top seed in pool A. Team WE have shown that they are capable of playing a multitude of styles and can always rely on their star ADC Jin “Mystic” Sung-jun.


Their hardest games would come against Latin America team, Lyon Gaming. Lyon would show a surprising amount of resilience against the Chinese powerhouse and would often make high level macro decisions. In addition to this their ADC, MatÍas “WhiteLotus” Musso would lead the group stage in CS (per minute) with 10.2 and tied second in kills behind only both WE carries, Mystic and Hanwei “xiye” Su.

Even with a great performance from Lyon it was not enough to overcome WE as they would keep the games close enough to always stay within striking distance with their immaculate team-fighting.

Source: Riot Games Flickr

The biggest shock of the group came in the form of Gambit Esports. Hyped as one of the teams who could provide a potential upset in the group stage they would lose both games to Lyon and get decimated by Team WE in both match-ups. The second game in particular would see Renji “Condi” Xiang run wild on Graves throughout the entirety of the early to mid-game and end with a score line of 11/1/8.

This would answer one of worries about WE heading into the group stage – would they take it seriously? They answered with a resounding yes. Never straying from what brought them to the dance, Team WE would continue to play confidently regardless of how the early game played out confident in their superior team-fighting.

Best of Ones

In many eyes, WE have already gotten through the difficult part of play-ins, the best of ones. Most of the fear surrounding the pool one teams have come from the bo1 portion of the format and now that WE have cleared it successfully, they look to be on their way to the big stage. The only wrench that could be thrown into their plans is if one of the other pool one teams are unsuccessful in getting out as the first seed and would get placed against them in the knockout stage b05. With Cloud 9 also winning the first seed in their group the notable squad to worry about would be Fnatic.

“I know for a fact that we don’t want to go against Fnatic” – Hanwei “xiye” Su

Moving Forward

With Worlds going as expected thus far it would seem that the highly talked about WE to group D scenario is becoming more and more likely. If this were the case it would see the entire group turn on its head and provide Team WE with a very manageable group to get out of. With heavy-hitting threats in Jungle, Mid and AD and a successful group stage, Team WE remain the most feared team in all of play-ins and look capable of doing massive damage to many of the onlooking teams.

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