Jokes: Grayson Murray Mocks Justin Thomas’ List Of Goals In Hilarious Fashion

Oh, Grayson Murray. This guy just never quits and honestly, we should be thankful for that. The jokester is at it again and this time he’s poking fun at FedEx Cup winner Justin Thomas.

After Thomas won the $10 million bonus, he spoke with the press about how he had written a list in his Notes app with all of the goals he wanted to accomplish this season. He managed to check off almost all of the items on his list, an amazing feat that will certainly land him the Player of the Year award.

Murray, who was nominated for the Rookie of the Year award, saw all the commotion about Thomas’ list and decided to make his own list. His list looks probably a lot like something you’ve had in your Notes too:

I mean, the first goal right off the bat is something almost every weekend golfer can relate to. Who hasn’t showed up to a round hungover AF?

“Try and get my Twitter password back” is another golden goal in there. Murray was infamous on Twitter for making snarky comments towards other pros and telling them they needed to step up their social media game. He went a little too far after flirting with an underaged girl and firing his caddie mid-round he had his Twitter password taken away from him by his manager. I guess getting it back would mean that maybe he’ll be a bit smarter with his words going forward. Although this list begs to differ that mentality.

“Delete Tinder and only use Bumble”. Why do I feel like a bunch of fake Grayson Murray accounts are about to pop up on the dating app? But seriously, this guy is super relatable and he’s taking a fellow player’s hard work and turning it into something we can all get a chuckle out of. He’s making fun of himself in light of a controversial rookie season for the pro and that’s awesome.

Calling out extremely attractive young women is kind of a forte for Murray. He called out Playboy Lindsey Pelas before The Masters, trying to find the motivation to make it on the roster by asking her to caddie for him. She was excited about the prospect but he didn’t end up making the cut so the offer fell flat. Now he’s calling her out again, including her in his goals to take her on a date. Not the most romantic but hey, it would be kind of great to see him get a date out of this, he clearly wants her bad (who wouldn’t??).

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Basically, Murray is the class clown of the PGA Tour and although he may come off disrespectful at times, there’s always room for humor in this game we love. It’s nice for the fans to have someone they can relate to for once.

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