Justice Served: Murder Charges Dropped Against High School Football Player Who Killed Mom’s Abusive Boyfriend

A Bronx grand jury declined to indict 18-year-old Luis Moux on manslaughter charges after the high school football player accidentally choked his mother’s abusive boyfriend to death last month. The 220-pound lineman was in his room at 4:30 am when he heard an argument in the hall that spilled inside of the apartment. He came out and saw his mom’s boyfriend beating her, so he pulled the 43-year-old assailant off his mom and put him in a chokehold until he fell asleep.

The boyfriend, Stanley Washington, had been arrested 33 times for a range of crimes including domestic violence. Sources say that Washington and the Moux were about the same size.

The next day, the high schooler was arraigned on manslaughter charges, and led away in handcuffs after the judge ordered him held on $25,000 cash bail. The courtroom was was full of supporters, including Moux’s friends, family, teammates, football coach, and school principal.

Thankfully, the charges have been dropped and a young man who was acting to protect his mother can move on with his life.

“It was clear that Luis didn’t do anything wrong. He testified in the grand jury and his story didn’t change a bit. He’s going to move on with his life. When you are an innocent man, you just want to move on with your life.”

Walter Fields, Luis Moux’s attorney

Calling Luis Moux’s predicament cause célèbre wouldn’t be exaggeration. An online petition on change.org calling for the charges to be dropped received over 150,000 signatures. It’s tragic that a man lost his life, but defending your mother is something no child should be punished for.

Hopefully, college-bound Luis Moux will be able to put this behind him and move on with his life. There’s untold emotional damage, but at least the grand jury had the good sense to see that this wasn’t a kid who should be spending time in jail.



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