Splyce Players Receive A “Baptism Of Fire” In Their First Experience Of North America

Welcome to North America, Splyce – I hope you weren’t expecting a red carpet procession. Jakob “YamatoCannon” Mebdi’s boys have certainly been racking up the air miles in recent weeks – now making the switch from bootcamp in Korea over to North America – with just days to go before the start of the 2016 World Championship.

Unable to understand a lick of Korean, Splyce went largely under the radar in Seoul. Upon booting up their PC’s to sample what North American solo queue has to offer however, their reception on the server has been far from a warm welcome.

Placed in Group D, dubbed as the group of death, few analysts have given Splyce any hope of making it out of the group stages – a sentiment shared by many of the players at the top end of the NA ranked ladder:

If these tweets prove anything, it’s that even when it comes to flame, North America struggles to compete with Europe. Splyce are EU natives, a place where even the most amicable of League of Legends players receive daily reminders of which player on the enemy team has been fraternising with his mother that evening.

NA solo queue merely adopted the flame, Splyce were born in it, molded by it:

“Tell him to 1v1 you IRL…”

Source: Riot Games Flickr
Source: Riot Games Flickr

Splyce clearly aren’t all that bothered – instead poking fun at the remarkably poor standard of the flame they’ve experienced during their time in America. With their first game against Samsung Galaxy just a couple of days away, all attention will now be focussed on any remaining scrim matches.

It seems – even for rival American fans – it’s almost impossible to hate on Splyce, the plucky under-dogs of both the EU LCS and now the World Championship. It’s difficult to say a bad word against the former Dignitas EU squad… until of course, they take a game off Team SoloMid and jeopardise their chances of progression.

You can bet the flame might be a little spicier by that point.

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