Doing Things Differently: Loyle Carner Is Giving Away Tickets For Retro Football Shirts

Joel Harvey

Your retro football top is likely your prized asset. It’s your comfort blanket, something you can wrap yourself in at night and make all the bad things go away. It’s your everything. But rapper Loyle Carner wants it. And he’s willing to trade you tickets to his sold-out shows for your prized shirt too.

This new form of trading began when a fan offered Carner a Sweden shirt from 1990, in exchange for tickets:

And from then, the bartering began in earnest. The Mercury Music Prize nominated artist realised there was a clear gap in the market here. And he could get some seriously vintage footy clobber off the back of it. Fans were then offering him some of these little classics:

All of which were duly accepted by Carner AKA the Del Boy of his new retro football shirts empire. He even threw in the offer of a free beer with the tickets for the England blue kit (which if you ask us, deserves to be a crate of free beer for that particular gem of a shirt):

What has Carner begun though? In an uncertain economic future, will retro football shirts become a valid form of currency? When society collapses, and your family is starving, will you be forced to pay for bread with your treasured 1988 Marco van Basten Holland shirt? Is this the dystopian nightmare future we’re sleepwalking into?

If so, then Loyle Carner will be the president of this new world order. Because at the moment, he’s holding all the shirts. It might be getting all too much for him now though:

Loyle, if the offers of all these shirts is a burden now, we’d be happy to help you out. We have tickets for some sold-out Chas & Dave gigs coming up, that we’d be happy to exchange for a few of your newly-acquired shirts…

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