The New Day Vs. The Usos At Hell In A Cell: Who Wins?

Joel Harvey

The WWE has been delivering some outstanding tag team matches recently. Shesaro and the good bits of the Shield have been killing it over on Raw in the past months. And not to be outdone, SmackDown has upped the ante with a feud between the New Day and the Usos for the blue brand’s tag team titles.

It’s been an interesting ride here for both teams. For the New Day, they’ve been over like rover for a good couple of years now. These three guys have worked as one of the best, and most entertaining, stables in modern wrestling. Meanwhile, the Usos have been down since day one-ish. Either way, rubbing off the face-paint and turning heel has been the best thing that’s happened for Rikishi’s little boys.

It was almost inevitable that these two teams would work together down the line. When the New Day made their way to SmackDown earlier this year, we awaited the mandatory program they’d have with Jimmy and Jey. And we weren’t disappointed when the teams began a war-of-words back in July. Most noticeably, in the best rap battle ever hosted on WWE TV (if you’re looking for that¬†epic Xavier Woods rated R burn, it’s at 2:08):

What followed was a slightly disappointing match at the Battleground PPV (no-one likes a count-out finish), before the teams stole the pre-show at SummerSlam. We knew it was a stacked card at WWE’s big summer event, but it still seems crazy this match was relegated to the pre-show. Regardless, it was an incredible fight and perhaps is even an outside contender for match of the year.

The Usos came out of SummerSlam with the tag titles, but the New Day weren’t done yet. Their feud continued, resulting in a Sin City Street Fight (the same as an ordinary Street Fight, except in Las Vegas) on the September 12th edition of SmackDown. With the WWE more willing to change titles outside of PPV events, we should have guessed what was coming. But it was still something of a surprise to see the New Day win and reclaim the titles for the second time.

As we head into Hell in a Cell, there’s some serious hype in seeing this rubber match in their rivalry. The feud has been great, probably one of the best for both sets of guys. But after nearly three months, it needs a definitive finale and Hell in a Cell will be it. They’ll both be pulling out all the stops to make it a memorable one too.

Which way do we see this going? As previously mentioned, predicting title changes in the current WWE climate is tougher than one of Big E’s pecs. We’d be shocked to see New Day dropping the belts again though, after only a matter of weeks of winning them back. Then again, both teams have only had title runs recently that have barely lasted a month. Long title reigns do seem to be a thing of the past in WWE at the moment.


We’d still expect New Day to retain the belts in what should be a great match. And afterward, new rivals for their belt could make an appearance. With a lack of strong heel tag teams on the SD roster, we’re sincerely hoping this’ll be the Authors of Pain…

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