Taking A Knee For Refunds: DirecTV Offers Money Back For Angry Customers

Joel Harvey

The furor over NFL players taking a knee has just got a little more surreal. People offended by the lack of standing during the national anthem can now get themselves a refund from DirecTV. God bless America!

Yes, if you’ve joined the pitchfork and torches brigade and canceled your NFL subscription because of how enraged you are, you may be able to get your money back. DirecTV have said they will be considering refunding some, if not all, of cancelled customer packages. And this is despite it going against their usual company policy of not refunding any money after the NFL season has started.

The outrage of some Americans comes after a week of hostility between sports stars and President Trump. With the Donald forgetting what his actual duties were, he spent the majority of the past 7 days slating players that wouldn’t stand during the national anthem. And then slating the NFL for allowing it. And then the owners. And then Stephen Curry for not coming to tea with him. And so on, and so on.

Apparently, this is now the biggest issue in Trump’s life and should be addressed at every opportunity. Unlike other trivial things like war or natural disasters…

And so by whipping up this ridiculous storm of indignation, it has resulted in DirecTV bowing to pressure. If you cite ‘taking a knee’ as a reason for cancelling your service with them, you may get a refund. But if you cite ‘taking a pee’ or ‘breaking a knee’ or ‘talking to Smee’, then you’ll get nothing back. Sorry, but them’s the rules that we’re making up for this as we go along.

What we’re all hoping for now is this: if no one who’s angry about players taking a knee is watching the NFL anymore, then they’ll all shut up about it. Even Trump. But unfortunately, we all know that’s not going to happen, is it?

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