Injustice 2: 6 Characters Who Should Sit This One Out

Fighting games are no strangers to bloated rosters, yet the improbable match-ups are undoubtedly a large part of the allure of fighting games. Follow CLICKON Gaming as we apply far too much logic in justifying the six characters that need to opt for the bench in Injustice 2.

The upcoming DLC for Injustice 2 will introduce Raiden of Mortal Kombat fame as a new playable character. This crosses all kinds of continuities and quite frankly introduces a character who has no business getting involved with Superman.

DC did however publish a series of Mortal Kombat comic books merging the two worlds, so Raiden’s inclusion in the game is in fact canonical with the DC universe. Raiden is also the Thunder God; possessing a variety of powers from teleportation to control over the elements. Meaning he could possibly hold his own in a fight with the Man of Steel. Considering this, here are 6 characters from Injustice 2, who have even less business than Raiden, meddling in Superman’s affairs.


Robin’s ability of owning a pole, or sword as Damian Wayne seems to prefer in Injustice, is pale by comparison. His tactical nuance will be of little consequence as well when entering into the arena for a one on one showdown. Superman has x-ray vision so he can forget about attempting to use the shadows to his advantage like his mentor. Fluorescent red, green and yellow probably wasn’t the best choice of colour scheme for urban camouflage either. Superman’s eyeballs deflected bullets in Superman Returns, so that sword is probably not going to cut it here. No pun intended.



The game is after all a fighting sim and physical confrontation is not exactly the Joker’s strong suit. He is also at a disadvantage being canonically dead from the first game but is available as a playable character. Joker relies heavily on mind games and trickery to menace his opponents, two things that will be no help to him here. He is also notably less effective against anyone who isn’t Batman due to the unique dynamic the two characters share. Given the fact that Superman is the one who killed him in the first Injustice game, he won’t fancy his chances in a confrontation here either. 

Black Canary

Black Canary’s power of being able to scream really loud will probably be another that falls short of the mark. Superman can break through the sound barrier and launch himself through Earth’s atmosphere. It’s safe to say he’s probably used to a loud bang or two – without even breaking his concentration. Black Canary can sonic scream as loud as she wants; it’s not going to stop her being punched across the skies of Metropolis.


Green Arrow 

Another character with a poor idea of what consists as an appropriate outfit for stealth – great beard game though. He is also a man who relies on his gadgets and archaic weaponry, this time it’s a trusty bow and arrow. Somehow, he still isn’t quite the butt of the Justice League’s joke like his Marvel counterpart Hawkeye- but they do have Aquaman for that. Sure, he shows great ingenuity and could tip those arrows with Kryptonite to give him the advantage, but one of Superman’s other many abilities is super speed. No matter how keen an eye, good luck hitting Superman at full speed. Before he is able to draw from his quiver, Superman will have rocketed across the stage and sent Green Arrow packing.

Catwoman/ Harley Quinn

Ok, a bit of a two-for-one here, but the similarities are so numerous it hardly seems worth them having a section each. A combination of bats, hammers and whips will be less effective than Robin’s sword. Both are skilled martial artists and gymnasts but again none of those traits will as much as distress the perfectly-formed quiff on Superman’s head. Neither possess an inherent superpower, so they are effectively just humans battling a god. They might stand a chance to seduce the Man of Steel, he is recently widowed and both are well adept in the art. But no amount of pouting will protect their faces from melting under the deathly gaze of Superman’s heat vision.


So there you have it, the 6 Injustice characters who should probably pull a sickie for any future sequels. They wouldn’t stand a chance even if they all ganged up on the Man of Steel at once. With other powerful characters involved in the war on either side such as Atrocitus, Darkseid, Brainiac, Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Dr Fate to name a few; they should maybe just sit this battle out all together. There’s always room on the bleachers, why not put those gymnastic skills to better use, cheering on your side.

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