20 FIFA 18 Bargains to Help You Get Started on the Ultimate Team

Josh Challies

FIFA 18 is out tomorrow for everyone, with some players already getting a head start via EA Access and various pre-order bonuses, so expect the Ultimate Team market to be packed, expensive and extremely competitive.

Top players will initially be out of the majority of people’s budget, unless you sink money into FIFA points, and the best way to make money initially is to play games – but you’ll need to assemble a decent enough squad to compete.

Starter squads are extremely important every year on FIFA and finding a gem can be a difficult task. Fortunately, we’ve searched through the market and the ratings to find you decent and cheap options, ranging from a couple of hundred coins to a couple of thousands.

All of the players we’ve selected here at under 3000 coins but remember when you’re reading this that someone else will be too, so the prices could rise. Get in there fast!

Angel Correa (ST)

Image source: Futbin.com

La Liga remains a go-to league for many but the problem is the majority of the best players are found across three teams; Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. If you want a La Liga super team, it’s going to be a long journey but Angel Correa is a solid starting striker for your side – don’t let his overall rating mislead you.

Available for between 700 and 1100 coins depending on your platform, Correa has the pace, dribbling and shooting ability to cause your opposition problems. In fact, his stats are comparable to Manchester City’s Gabriel Jesus – and he’s going for over 40k.

Thiago Maia (CDM)

Image Source: Futbin

With Neymar moving to Ligue 1, there’s likely to be a lot of teams based around the French division and, like La Liga, the top-rated players are pretty much exclusive to Paris Saint-Germain with a few exceptions. There’s solid options across the field now.

For a starting midfielder, Thiao Maia is extremely well rounded. His medium-medium work rate means he’ll be exactly where you need him to be and the only let down on his card his shooting, though it doesn’t matter if he’s playing in his natural defensive role – where he excels thanks to 74 physical and 76 defending.

Oh, the best part is he’s going for around 500 coins. Bargain.

Mauro Icardi (ST)

Image Source: Futbin

Think of an Argentine attacker in Serie A. It’s probably Gonzalo Higuain or Paulo Dybala, both of whom are extremely expensive, but Mauro Icardi is a solid investment to keep you going; setting you back around 3000 coins but it’s worth it, as he’s a player that can stay in your side for a while.

With nice stats in pace, dribbling and shooting, as well as decent physicality, Icardi is the presence your team needs up front but we do recommend giving him a chemistry style that boosts his passing. With that added, he’s a monster.

Oliver Torres (CM)

Image Source: Futbin

Away from Europe’s top five leagues there is always a bargain to be had and that’s certainly the case with Porto’s Oliver Torres, who has plenty of decent link-up options across numerous leagues due to the fact that he’s Spanish.

He currently costs around 1000-1500 coins, largely due to the Squad Building Challenge that needs Liga NOS players, but he’s worth the investment as a stand-in until you get one of the big boys. His dribbling is the stand-out attribute, with his only let down being the physical side.

Max Kruse (CF)

Image Source: Futbin

For just 900-odd coins, you can land yourself a top-class Bundesliga attacker that you can convert to a striker or attacking midfielder to suit your needs. With decent pace and physicality, as well as excellent dribbling, shooting and passing, Max Kruse is a stand-out choice.

Being German, he also has decent links available and can be utilized in a hybrid side. If you’re going to pick one player off this list, we recommend you go with the Werder Bremen man. We promise you won’t regret it.

Shinji Kagawa (CAM)

Image Source: Futbin

Another Bundesliga choice, available for around 900 coins, is Borussia Dortmund’s Shinji Kagawa. 83 rated with four star skills and four star weak foot, he’s a solid attacking midfielder for your side – although his shooting needs boosting with a chemistry style.

With top-class dribbling and decent enough passing, Kagawa is the ideal placeholder until you get hold of one of the Bundesliga’s elites- and he’s good enough to stay in your side for a longer stint, should you require.

Ever Banega (CAM)

Image Source: Futbin

Back to La Liga, 83 rated Ever Banega will set you back a cool 1000 coins. For that, you get a player with exceptional passing and dribbling, as well as decent stats for pace, physicality and defending. All in all, he’s a very well rounded card and the right chemistry style brings him to life.

Being Argentine, he also prevents solid link-up options with his fellow South Americans and, like Kagawa, he’s capable of holding a spot within your side for the longer term.

Mattia Perin (GK)

Image Source: Futbin

Serie A will be a popular league this season and there’s decent goalkeeping opportunities across the board, including Genoa’s Mattia Perin; who’s available for around 1000 coins. With his nationality, he’s easy to get links to and boost your chemistry significantly.

Your long-term goal is probably Gianluigi Buffon if you’re building around Italy’s top-tier but Perin is certainly someone who can hold the fort until you land the veteran, who’s currently going for an excess of 45,000 coins and could continue to rise.

Olivier Giroud (ST)

Image Source: Futbin

The Premier League will always be extremely popular and the influx of stars this summer will only add to the desire to have a top-class side from this region. With popularity comes cost though so you’ll need to search for a bargain at the beginning.

In terms of strikers Olivier Giroud, who costs around 1500, isn’t someone you can go far wrong with. Yes, his pace isn’t great by his physical play and shooting are very good. His passing and dribbling is also quality, so he’s capable of leading your line.

William Carvalho (CDM)

Image Source: Futbin

Another player who shouldn’t be overlooked despite his poor pace and shooting is Sporting Lisbon’s William Carvalho, who of course came close to joining West Ham in the summer. Currently fetching around 1200, his price has increased due to SBC’s.

For your money though you’ll get a defensive midfielder with solid passing, dribbling, defending and physicality. Stick him in front of your back-line and you’ll be extremely difficult to break down. With his passing, he could also be the key to springing a quick counter-attack.

Steven Zuber (LWB)

Image Source: Futbin

A Bundesliga option for full-back, Steven Zuber of Hoffenheim is a superbly well rounded player who’s available for around 400 coins. Whilst his defending and physical could be boosted slightly, that can be arranged with a chemistry style.

With three star skills and a four star weak foot, he’s capable enough going forward to cause problems for the opposition and provide support to the attacking players in your side. He may not stay in your line-up for a long, but he’s a steal to get you started.

Sebastian Jung (RB)

Image Source: Futbin

An option for the opposing side in your Bundesliga defence, Sebastian Jung is another well rounded option available for a bargain 450 coins. His only real let down stats wise is his shooting, as just 51, but that shouldn’t be an option due to his position.

As a German, he also has plenty of link-up options that can help you switch to a multi-league team and he’s just as good in a Bundesliga side. Grab him early and use him while you build a better team, he’s a solid purchase.

Shinji Okazaki (CF)

Image Source: Futbin

As mentioned, Premier League teams will be extremely popular and Leicester City forward Shinji Okazaki is an ideal starting striker for your side. With well rounded stats, Okazaki is ideal but we recommend you push him to play as a striker rather than as an attacking midfielder.

Costing just 500 coins, Okazaki is an option you can’t go too far wrong with and the fact he has a four star weak foot is an added bonus. Bump up his shooting with a chemistry style and you’ll be golden – just be wary of any price rises with SBC’s.

Jeff Hendrick (CM)

Image Source: Futbin

Another cheap midfield option for a Premier League side is Burnley’s Jeff Hendrick, who has well rounded stats and the bonus of three star skills and weak foot. With his stats fairly equal across the board, he can be adjusted with a chemistry style to suit your needs.

Costing around 400-700 coins, Hendrick is a solid option at the start of the game and one that will remain useful after you no longer need him due his nation and league. That could come in handy with SBC’s, so Hendrick is a multi-use player.

Joel Campbell (RM)

Image Source: Futbin

The Arsenal loanee, playing for Real Betis in La Liga, is a quality starting option for your team out wide due to his very high pace and decent dribbling. His shooting, passing and physicality is also a decent but we recommend boosting his shooting with a chemistry style.

His four star skills come in handy but his weak foot is admittedly a let down. Thankfully, he only sets you back around 500 coins so it’s not a massive outlay – and he’s useful for future SBC’s that involve Spain’s top-tier league.

Luis Hernandez (CB)

Image Source: Futbin

Available for just 500 coins, Luis Hernandez is a solid defensive option to kick-start your La Liga team and he’s superbly well rounded with all of his stats above 60, except for shooting- which won’t be an issue at all given he’s a central defender.

His passing and dribbling is fairly low but can be improved. His best statistics are certainly his 78 defending and his 76 physicality, which is solid. With his nation, he’ll also be handed moving forward and if you want to branch out into a hybrid team.

Artur Ionita (CM)

Image Source: Futbin

Switching back to Serie A, Cagliari’s Artur Ionita is an ideal starting midfielder as he’s got superbly well rounded stats with very good physicality. With three stars skills and weak foot, he’s the midfielder you need when you get started.

The best part? He’s a bargain 450 coins, which you can easily get at the start of the game. The best midfielders in Serie A are expensive, so start small and work your way up – Ionita is the perfect starting point.

Marko Pjaca (LW)

Image Source: Futbin

Sticking with Serie A, it’s somewhat surprising that you can get a Juventus player for so cheap. At around 800 coins, Marko Pjaca is a solid purchase and his has superb pace and dribbling that you can take advantage of – as well as reasonable passing.

His shooting is quite low for his position so you should definitely boost it with a chemistry style. As he has four star weak foot and skills, you shouldn’t encounter any other problems with the Croatian winger so he’s someone you should snap-up.

Yassine Benzia (CAM)

Image Source: Futbin

With well rounded stats, albeit a low physical rating, Yassine Benzia is another cheap option to slot into your midfield. With 74 pace, 77 dribbling, 72 shooting and 73 passing, he’s a player you can suit to your own needs with the right chemistry style.

Only setting you back around 400 coins, the Lille man is someone you should be looking at immediately if you want to build your main team around the French league. With four star skills and weak foot, he’s well-rounded for whatever your play style.

Bertrand Traore (RW)

Image Source: Futbin

Don’t let his one star weak foot put you off. Yes, it can be a problem but not when you’re just starting a team – his 88 pace and 84 dribbling certainly makes up for hit. 70 passing is also very beneficial, as his his 64 physical stat and 69 shooting – both of which can be boosted with the relevant chemistry style.

Costing between 400-700 coins, Traore is a solid early purchase in the game and he comes with four star weak foot. He also plays for one of Ligue 1’s top sides, so he has plenty of link-up options available to boost your chemistry.

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