Presidential Fail: Jordan Spieth Almost Tripped Into A Port-a-Potty

Jordan Spieth may have one of the most balanced and fluid swings on the PGA Tour. But the balance he has found in his swing does not parlay over to his footwork when simply walking around.

Apparently, the three-time major champion has a slight problem with tripping over everything; weeds, people, his own feet. You name it, he’s likely to trip over it.

And it’s not like this is a once-in-awhile thing for the 24-year-old. No, apparently┬áthis is a daily occurrence, and it makes you wonder how hasn’t he taken himself out of a golf tournament from stumbling around like a frat boy on a weekend.

“I almost trip every day,” Spieth said at the Presidents Cup. “But I haven’t had any injuries that kept me from playing golf, fortunately.”

The latest episode of ‘Spieth’s Stumblings’ appeared during the Presidents Cup practice rounds on Wednesday when Spieth literally almost ate (insert four letter word here).

This year’s U.S. Open champion, Brooks Kopeka witnessed the whole thing and already deemed it the highlight of the week.

“I watched Jordan almost trip and eat it today walking off No. 11,” Koepka said. “I think he caught his foot in the weeds and almost went right in the Port-a-Potty, which was pretty funny. That was the funniest thing I’ve seen this week.

“That could have been the most exciting thing if he had actually eaten it…but I’m glad he didn’t.”

The photographers and any media will likely be anticipating a Spieth stumble after getting wind of this yesterday. That video or picture may turn into some great (and cliche) memes: “Sliding into your DMs like..” or “Trying to get to the weekend like…”.

It’s a bit hard to believe (without seeing it) that Spieth is a klutz with how graceful his swing and putting stroke is. Maybe he can instruct his feet to avoid danger – or maybe that only works on golf balls.

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