Book Of Eli: New York Giants’ Season Already In The Two Minute Warning

The New York Giants have not exactly hit the ground running this year, having dropped to a 0-3 start and the pressure is already starting to build on Ben McAdoo and Eli Manning.

Big Blue almost made the breakthrough in their NFC East tie at Philadelphia Eagles, having scored 24 points in the final quarter, but came up short with a field goal from rookie Jake Elliot on the final play of the game.

However, after being considered a championship-contending franchise this season, the Giants appear far from being exactly that.

McAdoo, who is in his second year as head coach, led them to an 11-5 finish, including a wildcard playoff game with Green Bay Packers; their first appearance in five years.

The game was marred with the controversy off Odell Beckham Jr and co. partying on a boat and not appearing to take the break between the end of the regular season and the beginning of the post-season seriously.

The coach has found his second year a lot more difficult, with losses to Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions and the Eagles, though he was without his star receiver for the first two matchups.

Poor O-Line

Throw a healthy OBJ in the mix and the Giants showed that they can remain somewhat dangerous when on offense, however, the offensive line appears vulnerable and Erik Flowers has problems coping one-on-one at the line of scrimmage.

Those problems have continued for some time and it shows on the aging Eli Manning, who has come under a lot of criticism from his coach and media personnel – with many believing it is time for him to stop being the starter at MetLife Stadium.

Many have consistently blamed the lack of power on the O-line to help protect against the pass rush, however, the Giants do not help themselves, especially when it comes to the run game, with Paul Perkins, Orleans Darkwa and Shane Vereen as their options.

Should Manning be able to get one of those running backs an opportunity to run the ball, the line has already crumbled and it makes it extremely difficult for them to gain any extra yardage.

Things began to look positive for the Giants last Sunday, as they managed to start getting some scoring plays into action, although it was mainly through OBJ, making them heavily reliant on one man – something we’ve all known since his first year.

Brandon Marshall was added in the off-season – from the neighboring Jets, but has struggled, whilst Evan Engram finally had an opportunity to show why he was drafted in the first round.

One of the Worst

The Giants are supposed to look like the NFC East’s powerhouse franchise, however, they are beginning to look like the Cleveland Browns and San Fransisco 49ers of the league, and becoming one of the worst teams this year.

Manning and Co. will travel south to play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, who have already had a bye-week, then they have a home game against the Los Angeles Chargers. If they can not win either – or ideally both – of these games, then it may be time for the Mara family to start considering drastic changes.

With just a five percent chance of achieving a playoff spot, the Giants are most certainly facing the two-minute warning for their 2017 season.

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