Tiger 2.0: Meet Robin ‘Tiger’ Williams The Successor To Tiger Woods

The golf world was stunned on Wednesday when Tiger Woods, the most dominant player in the sport’s rich history, said he could foresee himself not coming back to professional golf.

“Yea definitely,” Woods said confidently. “I don’t know what my future holds for me.”

We have come a day closer to saying goodbye to Tiger Woods. Ironically a day after we say ‘Hello world’ to the new Tiger as 16-year-old Robin Tiger Williams made his professional debut at the British Masters Thursday afternoon.

Williams was born in 2001, the year ‘old’ Tiger completed the infamous Tiger-Slam. Williams’ father was about to give his son the middle name of a famous cricket player but thought better of it when Woods pulled off the feat we may never see again.

“Dad has told me I was very nearly ‘Robin Sachin’,” Williams said. “But I’m glad he settled on Tiger. I was born the year Woods completed the Tiger Slam, so I think that made up Dad’s mind. It’s a perfect fit the way things have turned out. The first time my dad put a club in my hand when I was 18 months, I was bitten by the golfing bug.”

There wasn’t any word on if he was given the name Robin for the late American comedian.

It is also worth noting that Rory McIlroy (also once deemed the new Tiger) made his professional debut at the same tournament as Williams and at the same age as the young European star. McIlroy and Tiger 2.0 will only be separated by a few groups during the first two rounds of this year’s tournament.

It’s not just a fancy name that got Williams into the British Masters this year. He has been dominating junior golf circuits for quite some time now. Between the ages of 11-15. Williams went to school at the prestigious Bishops Gate Academy in Florida. He moved back to Europe this year and decided to be home-schooled by an American educator who would continue the curriculum he was already learning. This allowed him to focus on his golf game for the majority of the hours in his day.

This will not be the last time we hear of Robin ‘Tiger’ Woods. The kid and his father have such high expectations that they carved Robin’s name into a fake Claret Jug at home with the year 2020 next to his name. It’s not added pressure…it’s visualization.

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