Shane McMahon Vs. Kevin Owens At Hell In A Cell: Who Wins?

Joel Harvey

The Hell in a Cell match has always been a fascinating gimmick in WWE. Ever since 1997, when Undertaker and Shawn Michaels had the first HIAC match, it’s been the go-to match to conclude a feud. And they’ve provided some memorable moments, most of them involving ‘Taker, Mick Foley or Shane McMahon.

Ah yes, Shane-O-Mac. In many ways, he’s the Jesus of the WWE. The son of the almighty omnipotent being, Vince, who was resurrected by the WWE in 2016. Unlike Christ though, Shane McMahon is a daredevil. He’s famed for taking risks and bumps that no other sane individual would be prepared to take. It was natural then, that Shane’s comeback in the WWE was in a Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker. And of course, he’d do something downright ludicrous once again:

This year, Shane is returning to hell once more. He’ll be facing everyone’s favourite Canadian, Kevin Owens, inside the demonic structure at the Hell in a Cell PPV. And if the match is as good as the build-up, then we’ll surely be in for a treat.

It seemed inevitable that the paths of Owens and McMahon would cross on SmackDown at some point, hints have been laid out ever since Owens transferred over to the blue brand. But no-one saw the spark that would ignite this feud coming. Yes, I’m talking about that headbutt:

Bray Wyatt might be the “eater of worlds”, but Kevin Owens is now the “headbutter of dads”. This Glasgow kiss heard round the world – and let’s not forget, Vince is 72 years old, fair play to him for taking it – has been the perfect set-up for this match. It’s also catapulted Kevin Owens further up the WWE food chain too. There aren’t many wrestlers allowed to do that kind of promo with the boss himself, so there must be some serious love for KO up in Stamford. And with good reason, too.

Since arriving in the WWE, Owens has been a revelation. Bringing his long-time indie feud with Sami Zayn into NXT was a delight. And when he moved up to the main roster, he’s been winning titles and breaking hearts (mostly Jericho’s). He’s the perfect encapsulation of what the new era should look like: part indie, part WWE, all entertainment. That’s not to mention how great he is at Twitter:

There’s no question that pitting Owens against Shane is a good call for the WWE. Ratings are down at the moment, and as much as we love Shinsuke, his title match against Jinder Mahal isn’t really the big draw the company needs right now. This HIAC match will be certain to create headlines, and although Shane-O won’t be doing anything as crazy as WrestleMania 32, he will no doubt be bumping like a madman.


It’s hard to see WWE putting over Shane McMahon against any full-time wrestler. But if they were going to do it to anyone, it would be KO. Owens can take a loss better than any other guy on the roster, so this might be the reason he ends up losing in this one. Plus, it would definitely set up a rematch down the line at WrestleMania, or even at Survivor Series.

Despite that, though, we’re still calling a KO victory here, especially if Nakamura wins the WWE title from Mahal. This will neatly lead Owens into the title picture, and potentially a great headline fight when WWE revives Starrcade next month.

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