For The Win: Fantasy Football Scouting Report For Your Week

Whether you are in dire straits or sitting comfortably, the fantasy football trade can always change your destiny. One thing overlooked when looking to deal is the bye week, but not the way you think.

If you haven’t noticed, every week my Scouting Report focuses on how to get your fantasy football team better. The easiest and most common way to do this is through adding and dropping players. The most under-appreciated avenue is the trade.

Fantasy football is a game that — for the most part — is set up as a solitary venture. While you play in a league of multiple users, the majority of your time is spent at a computer staring at numbers and odds. The trade is one of the few opportunities to interact with another player, outside of talking crap. You should do this all the time (both the smack talk and the trade talk).

A trade doesn’t have to be one-sided. You don’t have to try and fleece your partner. Unless you had the most impeccable draft, more than likely you have holes, and more than likely there’s an opponent who also has holes but a different position. Why not work with each other to better both rosters.

I’m not saying you should be democratic and fair about the process. You should still be trying to find that edge.

In the immortal words of Hall of Fame Yankee, Yogi Berra, “You can observe a lot by just watching.”

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While we’ve discussed players to target, and reality vs. fantasy on here before, the one item we haven’t tackled is the bye week. Some analysts will tell you don’t worry about the bye week. I on the other hand think you should, but for a different reason.

When people pick out a roster they look at the bye week for two reasons; either they don’t want a lot of their players out at the same time, or they don’t want a back up and their starter to have a bye week at the same time. You can use the bye week and a trade to give yourself a significant advantage. Especially if you are struggling to get into the playoff picture.

As discussed here and other platforms, fantasy football is a week-to-week game. The most points each week wins. If one of your stud players has a bye, it limits your scoring potential. Doesn’t it make sense to target players after a bye? Even if they are a lesser tier player than someone who has yet to reach their bye week.

For instance, Atlanta, Denver, New Orleans and Washington have byes in week five.  Chicago, Cleveland, Chargers, Minnesota, New England and Pittsburgh have byes in week 9.

Let’s say you are 1-3 after this week. The chances of you making the playoffs are dwindling faster than Kid Rock’s career.

You have holes at wide receiver and stacked at running back. You have Le’veon Bell. A preseason top-2 running back. Another team has Julio Jones. There’s no doubt Bell is the better player. What about after Week 5? Jones is expected to earn more points than Bell. You are removing the bye week and loss of points from your roster. Now of course this is a hypothetical and it doesn’t take in the chance of injury or any other acts of the cruel fantasy gods. Having said that, if you are trading Bell, no one is turning that down. You fill a whole in your roster and pick up extra points.

As discussed above, fantasy football is a weekly game. If you can gain an advantage by adding more points to your weekly total it will help your chances of making the playoffs and maybe even more.

Sometime during this fantasy football season you’re going to have to make a decision, stay the course or change it up.

As with most moments, listen to Yogi.

“When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

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