Lyon Gaming Fall Despite Promising Worlds Run

On Wednesday, one region rejoiced, as another lost hope.

In a heartbreaking 3-0 defeat, Cloud9 struck down Lyon Gaming, eliminating them from Worlds 2017. Cloud9 will move onto the group stage of the event, while Lyon Gaming go home prideless, unable to claim victory for their region.

Lyon Gaming: A Team of Potential

This is not the first time that Lyon have rubbed shoulders with success, only to see it pass them by, like a flicker of light in the dark. At last year’s international qualifier, Lyon came one game away from defeating Albus Nox, and booking their ticket to Worlds. At MSI, the Latin American team came just as close to upsetting the Gigabyte Marines. Yet, as always, Lyon returned unsuccessful.

Lyon Gaming took Worlds 2017 by storm, but ultimately failed to advance in the end.
Source: Riot Games Flickr

This is not to say that Lyon is a broken team, unable to fulfill their underlying potential. This tournament, perhaps more than any other, they showed their ability to compete with the best. Throughout the event, Whitelotus stole the show, taking the bot lane by storm.

He went head to head with Mystic and Ben, and consistently starred for his team. Even in defeat, he impressed, remaining resilient throughout his unfortunate knockout series. Seiya also managed to show off his skill on an international stage. The Mexican mid often outperformed his major league counterpart in the laning phase, brandishing his abilities against the peak competition. Individually, Lyon performed great all event.

Lyon Gaming have come close to success at several international events, but they've never quite made it.
Source: Riot Games Flickr

The Future of Lyon

Coming out of group play, Lyon were poised for an upset. With 2 close games against WE, and dominant victories over Gambit, Lyon appeared to be one of the strongest wildcard teams in the whole event. Even despite Cloud9’s dominating performance, there was still hope for the fledgling Latin American team to make it through the play-ins.

Sadly, not all fairytales end in happily-ever-after. Even with all the improvements that Lyon have made, all the stardom they have shown, and all the teams they have surprised, the Latin Americans failed to break down the barrier and rise above their peak. As Cloud9 advance, Lyon shake their heads, wondering what went wrong this time.

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