NFL set to break ejection record

The NFL is blitzing towards breaking the all time record for ejecting players from games. If the trend continues, can we start power plays? 

Yes, everyone knows that the NFL has way too many rules. Goodell and company seem to pride themselves on taking the individuality, fun, and speed of the game out. It seems like every week, no make that day, the NFL has fines or commented on a bad call, missed call, over the top celebration, off-the-field incident, etc. And personally, I’m sick of a 60 minute game taking three and half hours. Get on with it.

A part of that rule enforcement has been game ejections for players who receive two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties, from a set list. And boy has it seen an impact.

In 2015, there were a total of four players thrown out of games. There are already 10 for this season after 10 weeks. The NFL record is 13, set in 2014. So with the this only to increase, should the NFL go the NHL or soccer route?

The Power Play

How entertaining would it be to see a team have to play an entire set possession a man down? Defender ejected? Next entire defensive drive you are down a man – good luck.

You can bet this would make players think twice about fighting or targeting. Or at a minimum having coaches reminding players about this at every practice. We would also get to see some interesting choices on offense and defense made when having to pick which position to play without.

The Red Card

Dumb enough to get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty twice in one game or fight? Now your team plays the rest of the game down a man! However, you can almost guarantee that the ref would be looking to level the sides, as they do in soccer when this happens.

The next time the Giants and Panthers play, the game might end in a 9 vs. 9.

Let us know what you think in the comment section below. Would you prefer a power play scenario or the red card situation in an NFL game?

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