Harry Kane: An Outstanding Work In Progress, But Not The Finished Article

Adam Brown

Harry Kane is beginning to get the reputation as one of England’s best forwards for a long time, but while his goalscoring is rivaled by only football’s best finishers, the Spurs forward leaves a lot to be desired.

The Lilywhite’s striker managed to score 13 goals in September, a rate good enough for any club in the world, but not just that, only one man has scored more goals than Kane in the year of 2017, to date – Lionel Messi.

When considering such an impressive goal tally, is it fair to be questioning the England striker? The reality is that in terms of goals, there’s not much more he can do – but there are aspects of Kane’s game which could be improved to make him even better.

Frustratingly for fans, when Kane doesn’t score – there isn’t a great deal that he contributes to in the game. For example, in terms of hold-up play, the Spurs forward is nowhere near as good as he should be – as a result, there’s often occasions when he misses the chance to release the ball at the right time.

This could correlate with Kane’s lack of assists for Spurs – just twelve in 123 Premier League appearances gives an average of over ten games per assist for the striker; not good enough for a player at the highest level.

When thinking of the perfect striker, it’s tough to think of many better than Sergio Aguero. A top forward will always contribute in more ways than one – they’re a threat against any defence. The Argentine for example has 32 assists and 45 ‘big chances created’ against Harry Kane’s 12 and 19 ‘big chances created’ – while Kane can match the Manchester City striker for goals, Aguero is on another level when it comes to overall play.

At just 24, there’s no doubt that the Tottenham star can improve other aspects of his game – areas like his first touch which is lacking at times – allowing a defender to catch up, but also times when the forward decides to shoot instead of put someone through for a much easier chance.

Comparisons can be drawn to Edinson Cavani – like the Uruguayan, Kane takes a large number of shots. This season so far, the Englishman is averaging a 6.3 SPG (Shots-per-game) stat. With such a high number of shots taken, it’s unsurprising that the striker has six goals in seven games – there would be questions asked if those six or seven shots a game were not leading to one goal.

Not just that, the English forward’s pass success is at 68.1% – terrible. It’s also a rate which would be destroyed if he had not had an amazing month in September.

Overall, it’s clear that there are noticeable areas in the England forward’s game that need to be addressed. Of course, we can appreciate that due to a lack of pace – he’s not going to stretch the game like a Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, but there’s no excuse for the lack of chances created for his teammates or sometimes poor decision-making.

To be fair to Kane, he is in many ways, the model professional player. There’s no concerns over his work rate or behaviour off the field – and despite his limitations, no one can deny that the former Arsenal academy player is a lethal finisher. However, before he’s mentioned in the same category of the games best strikers, there’s still some work to be done yet.





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