What A Dope: British Javelin Thrower Suspended In Doping Case

With the whole sporting world voicing their continual disgust towards Russia, and their decades of disregard to clean sport and doping, it’s important to note that those in glasses houses are always reminded not to cast the first stone.

When the, what seems like, daily reports emerge about the doping of Russian athletes, and medals being stripped from competitors left, right and centre, the people of the United Kingdom, in particular, are quick to take the higher ground.

But as should really be common knowledge, everyone in the athletics world is doping, no nation is exempt; the levels in which organisations go to, to be top of the medal board knows no boundaries – it just so happens that, as scarily revealed by ‘Icarus’ on Netflix, the Russians are perhaps the worst.

Therefore, the news of javelin thrower Joanna Blair, who represented Britain in the European Athletics Team Championships in Lille just this summer, having been suspended after failing an anti-doping test, should surprise no one – especially not athletic fans back in Queen Elizabeth’s country.

“…after being charged with having committed an anti-doping rule violation contrary to IAAF Anti-Doping Rule Article 2.1 (presence of a prohibited substance or its metabolites or markers in an athlete’s sample).

“The individual now has the opportunity to respond to the charge against her including the right to a full hearing of the case.”

Statement from UK Athletics

As minor names, in minor sports, start to get caught by the system, the question now must really be: should we just shutdown the Olympics all together? No one is honest, no one cares about most of the events and no one builds a legacy for their country after hosting the supposed prestigious event.

It’s a tiresome shambles from top to bottom.

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