7 Reasons To Be Stoked For Middle-Earth: Shadow Of War

Jordan Heal

Game developer Monolith’s hugely successful Shadow of Mordor game marked a new direction for Lord of the Rings games.

Their innovation was on full display with the newly implemented Nemesis system. With Shadow of War edging closer towards its release date, fans are eagerly awaiting the next installment in Talion’s adventure.

With the release date being so soon, October 10th, here are the things you need to know before it drops in stores:

Updated Nemesis System:

Talion once again is tasked with defeating Sauron’s Orc army and to do so will follow in a similar manner to that in the first game. Except this time, Talion must gain ‘followers.’ The way that Talion interacts with his potential ‘followers’ will affect how these individuals are dictated. Players will also be able to upgrade their ‘followers’ through a variety of ways as they progress through the story.


Throughout the game there will be various differing tribes of Orcs. These tribes contain their own strength’s and weaknesses’ that are reflected by their skin design. Captains, Warchiefs and Overlords will notably have distinct differences depending on their tribe affiliation. As usual with the Nemesis system, players will be able to recruit members of these different tribes for their benefit.

The “Mithril Edition”:

The collector’s edition of Shadow of War has been entitled the “Mithril Edition.” This special edition includes an exclusive steel case; a premium case with a magnetic ring of power; an exclusive Mithril war chest; the official soundtrack; a limited edition 12” statue; a special cloth map of Mordor; a collection of exclusive Lithographs; a tribe sticker pack and a collector’s box.

The game connects to the Lord of the Rings:

Game trailers hint that Talion will have to fight the likes of Sauron, the Witch King, and even Nazgul’s. The game is set in between the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings narratives with ties likely to be formed. It appears as though Monolith are indirectly setting up events that are seen in the Fellowship of the Ring. Even Michael de Plater has stated ‘We really want to have this feel like (Shadow of War) is this connective tissue to the film.’

The World of Men:

There is a new setting outside of Mordor for players to experience this time round; Minas Ithil. This new place is set within the realm of Gondor. There will be a new hierarchy for Talion to encounter, a hierarchy of men. Hopefully with the addition of Minas Ithil, we will be exposed to more lore within the LOTR universe.

Olog Hai:

Shadow of War is also set to reveal a new type of enemy. These new nemesis’ will be called Olog Hai. These Olog Hai are allegedly a lot smarter and more cunning than trolls. They also tower over their fellow Orcs and Uruk Hai creating a new challenge for players to overcome. The Olog Hai are actually canonical hybrids and can be seen fighting Aragorn in a battle near the Black Gate.


There are at least two planned DLC’s set to be released post game launch. The precise release dates for the DLC’s are still unconfirmed. Though the titles have been announced; ‘The Blade of Galadriel’ and ‘The Desolation of Mordor.’ As expected, there have been little announcements made on the finer details.

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