The Naughtiest Things The U.S. Team Did After Winning The Presidents Cup

This weekend we saw the United States’ young stars like Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas, and Rickie Fowler shine brighter than the New York lights in the distance of Liberty National golf course. The youth movement and swagger the kids brought made this last weekend a one-sided Presidents Cup beat down in favor of the U.S.

With that youth comes with it some outrageous partying following such a victory. All the hype we saw from Justin Thomas all the way to Phil Mickelson didn’t stop after the trophy was delivered to the team. No, this team got very rowdy as we count down the naughtiest things team U.S. did after they took home the hardware.

Fred Couples Blacks Out

The 57-year-old Couples didn’t remember what time he left the U.S. after party. Ol’ Freddy had to rely on the text messages in his phone to see when he left and that the last thing could remember was playing corn hole against Matt Kuchar and his wife.

Must have been a rowdy game of corn hole. Maybe they shotgunned a beer for each point the U.S. scored against the international team (that would be 19 by the way…).

Jordan Spieth Say What?!

“Shakin that ass” was probably the last thing we thought we would hear out of Jordan Spieth’s mouth. The normally mild-mannered Spieth let that fly when singing about Si Woo Kim in Sunday’s final press conference.

We all expected Dustin Johnson to sing and dance but definitely not the 24-year-old Spieth…who for once acted appropriately for his age.

Tiger Woods’ New Flame?

Sunday Red (pants).

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Tiger Woods showed off his (potential) new flame during the Presidents Cup as he brought along Erica Herman with his player spouse credential. Herman was the General Manager of The Woods pop-up restaurant located on the 10th hole at the Genisis Open.

While we’re on the Tiger Train, did anyone see the moment 20-plus years in the making? Tiger and Phil Mickelson embraced after the Presidents Cup victory, as if they had been friends and not sworn enemies on the course for years and years.

Hugs from 🐅

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Rickie Being Rickie

They broke the mold when they made Rickie Fowler. From his outfits to mustaches, all the way to his celebration antics for Team U.S. Instead of posing girlfriend-less for a photo this year, Fowler decided he literally wanted to wear the trophy.

Oh no, @rickiefowler… What is you doin'!?

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“Hmmm. This trophy looks good. I bet it would look great on my head.” – Fowler (probably)

Kisner Family Photos

Family portrait goals 👪🏆

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This isn’t classified as naughty but it’s just downright cute. Talk about ‘family goals right’ here as Kisner, his wife Brittany, daughter Kathleen (snuggled up in the trophy) take a family portrait for the ages.

What can be classified as naughty is the epic handshake Kisner shared with Mickelson during the Presidents Cup. You bet your sweet behind that that hip thrust is the naughtiest thing you’ll see from a PGA Tour player all season.

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